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lose ten pounds


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I want to be pretty again!

I weighed about 102 and then gained 2 lbs over a vacation and so i decided I wanted to get down to 95lbs…... i was on a healthy diet but then I wasnt getting my results fast enough and began practically starving myself. If I ever ate anything during the day but a salad I would totally and completely binge and wouldnt be able to stop myself from eating even tho my stomach was about to burst. There were several times this happend and it drove me to tears and attempts to make myself throw up which failed. B/c of those episodes i gained about 3-4 lbs….. i went on vacation and then gained another 3-4 lbs… and now I weigh 110…. Im pretty short so you can tell i gained all that weight… i want to reach 100 lbs by my b-day which is on Nov.6 …. think I can do it???


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