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Be happy with what I have

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I've never really done this

All my life I’ve felt I would be happy “when” this or that happened. Then when it happened I was happy for awhile until my mind wandered to something bigger and better. I thought I’d be happy when I got my Bachelor’s degree but then it seemed I wouldn’t feel content until I had my Masters. I had even been thinking of getting my PhD even though I have no real reason or need for it. After my Nana paid off my student loan I realized that my educational goals were complete. I didn’t need to rack up more debt obtaining another degree that I don’t need. If I needed it, that would be different but the truth is I don’t really need it. I have finally decided that I’m happy with where I am. Of course I’ll never stop learning but getting the “title” degrees are something I’m putting behind me. From now on it’s free learning for me!!!

I thought I would be happy when I got married. I thought the fairy tale would begin once I walked down the aisle. I was never really content in my marriage and 11 years later I find myself divorced. I realize that life is a roller coaster and whether you’re single, married or divorced you have to learn to be content “as is” b/c relationships are constantly evolving and you can never really achieve perfection with them. If you think you can then you probably just end up sabotaging the things that really are good about them.

I never thought I”d have my own home. I finally am realizing that goal. I was so ecstatic that I qualified for this house. To me it was the nicest neighborhood I had lived in since moving out of my mom’s house. However after a few days went by I started thinking “If I qualify for this house, maybe I can qualify for an even better house??” I realize that this was my dream house until I got it, then I wanted something bigger and better. That has to STOP> This could be quite possibly one of the biggest stumbling blocks I have in life. I’m never content with where I am in the moment. I need to learn to be content right where I am.

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