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Heres a list of some of the verbs i currently know off by heart…

食べます – tabemasu – eat
のみます – nomimasu – drink
みます – mimasu – see/watch
いきます – ikimasu – go
きます – kimasu – come
ききます – kikimasu – listen
かきます – kakimasu – write
よみます – yomimasu – read
買います – kaimasu – buy
します – shimasu – play/do
よります – yorimasu – ride
あいます – aimasu – meet
でんわします – denwashimasu – call (telephone)

In order to make these or any verb negative (i don’t, won’t, etc.) simply replace the ます(masu) with ません (masen) eg. しません

To change these verbs into past tense (did, etc.) replace the ます(masu) with ました(mashita) eg. しました

To change them into past negative (didn’t, etc.) replace the ます(masu) with ませんでした(masendeshita) eg. しませんでした

Here is a sentence using a verb:
boku no tomodachi wa hon o yomimasu.
My friend reads the book.
Literal meaning: My friend book reads.

Understanding this simple sentence structure does not take long and it opens up heaps of possibilities.


Well i just joined and I have been studying nihongo at school for around 10 yrs… In that time i have forgotten a lot! I know a lot of time words, adjectives, animals, verbs, names and family names, particles, but not a lot of kanji… I know all of the katakana characters and hiragana characters and can write numbers 1 to 999 in kanji and hiragana. I would like to learn more kanji and improve my fluency a lot.


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