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I make perfect chocolate fudge

8 cheers


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I tried this one again yesterday, thinking I’d be able to cross it off the list quickly. But it still came out hard and I hardly beat it at all!! My idea of fudge is that it’s softish, I’m struggling to find an equivalent texture… caramel? but not as chewy. This went hard again. Maybe I boiled it a little too long. OK, note to self: next time, check it after 8 mins of boiling. It’s likely to be another couple of months before I try this again. At 3 cups of sugar a pop, I think it needs to be spaced out!

fudge attempt #2

The first time I tried to make fudge, it was sloppy and grainy. Today’s attempt was hard and crumbly, but better than the first…much closer. I think I beat it just a second too long at the end. It’s still going to go to school. the kids won’t car, it’s mostly sugar!

I'm going to have

another go at this one…tomorrow. I’ve found some great tips on youtube, so if I make a decent batch, I will send them to my daughter’s break up party at school on Friday.

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