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I have a place for everything and keep everything in its place

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I have a place for my keys :D They are either there, or in the ingnition or my hand, that is all.

I SO don't!

Please excuse me for a minute, but…FARRRK!
So, here’s what happened. My daughter and I share a birthday – tomorrow. After tossing up a lot of different plans for the day, we settled on going to a wildlife park during the day and camping overnight near the beach. I’ve been planning for days, packing, preparing food, blah blah blah. I came home this afternoon from shopping and put the little kids straight into bed, went about my business. Boys woke up, went to do the last minute run to the buthcer…WHERE ARE MY KEYS?? How do a bunch of keys just evapourate?? Really. It’s been 10 hours since I last had them. I have not gone anywhere since then – where could they be?. Long story short(ish) – we have postponed :(
Truth be known, it’s raining and cold (for here). I wasn’t really looking forward to sleeping in a tent in the pouring rain, or walking around a wildlife park, hoping some poor fool animal would venture out into the weather, just so us poor fool humans could gawp at it. Still, weather being what it is can always change and I’m confounded by the disappearance of the keys. It’s doing my head in.

New house on the 3rd

and I will be in charge! SO this is going to be the rule – NO EXCEPTIONS.

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