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grow my own vegetables

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Although it isn’t the same as growing my own vegetables, I did join a local CSA, which gives me a nice source of fresh and organic consumable green stuff, which was part of the reason behind adding this goal to my list.

I think I’m waiting to really try for this goal until I have more than a tiny patch of not-really-mine dirt in front of a condo that’s not really mine. I don’t mind working hard, but I do mind the idea that someone else is likely to come trample on my vegetables or tell me to take them out, and is within their legal right to do so.

I could, of course, do this indoors, but first I need to achieve a goal involving cleaning the house up. ;)

I wonder

What I can grow on a part-sun, east-northeast-facing, rather small screened patio in central Florida in the cooler seasons. Anything? I used to have more research and notes on what grows decently in this area, but it’s been a disorganized couple of years. ;) It’d be nice to have something home-grown to put into soups this coming autumn.

Maybe I’ll just have to get one of those strange indoor plant-growy things they sell on Gaiam. ;)

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