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impstar has written 3 entries about this goal

Matchbox shrine and other mail art

I just made a matchbox shrine today, in keeping with my policy of enjoying myself no matter how late I am, and I like it muchly. I sent out a pretty significant batch of art yesterday, too: two fat book pages, an altered puzzle piece, two ATCs for a charity fundraiser binder, and a hand-drawn ATC inside my Spring Bunny package. Even though I didn’t make the charity ATCs recently, it still raises my general Art Consciousness to go through my older art and pick things to send.

Maybe I’ll make it a guideline for the ongoing UFO Diet that once I’m allowed to sign up for swaps and projects again, I have to sign up for at least one art swap per certain time period. That’ll keep me creating.

Still … I think I may check this goal off my list if, after pondering a bit, I feel I’ve satisfied myself. I have made more art recently, and part of the original point was to get myself to create more—for almost any value of “more” above one object. Whether I check this off will depend on whether I feel I can trust myself to continue creating, I guess. ;) I do still have to finish and send my altered toy animal, and there’s talk of more swaps on one of my favorite altered art groups, so hopefully that’ll be enough encouragement for me to continue.

For my own reference, I still have these pieces of art to look forward to creating, even if I check off this goal:

*Altered toy animal
*Hand-bound tea book
*Yellow postcards
*Blue postcards
*Fantasy travel agent swap
*Creative journal swap

Good luck to me. ;)

Charity fat book pages

I’m finally working on my two charity fat book pages, which will raise money for a sista artist’s medical bills. The themes are “nature” and “tea,” and I’m almost done with the nature one now; I just have to add some chunky embellishment and put the Credits on the back. Had a late night last night, so I took a longer nap this morning than was really efficient, but at least I roused myself and am now actually doing something I’m supposed to do. Must finish the other page today, then start working on a matchbook shrine, which also counts toward the achievement of this goal. Yayyy. ;D I shall be clicking this one soonish, I think, hopefully around the time I get to click the “finished!” button for my current Ultimate Goal. ;D


I keep signing up for swaps on Swapbot. On the down side of that, this stresses me out a little and contributes to my general inability to make and do things for myself, but on the up side, I’ve been better lately about only signing up for swaps involving things I can’t get except by swapping with others—like other people’s altered art. And likewise, that makes me make more art. In the past week or so I’ve finished three postcards (from a Dr. Pepper Berries & Cream box), 10 “old box” ATCs, and two bookmarks. I’m about to do two more postcards, too, and there are a bunch more swaps coming due soon.

So while it stresses me out, at least I’m starting to make more art again. ;) I’m not clicking the “done” box on this goal, however, because I haven’t made anything I’m super-proud of yet, and that’s the ultimate point of this goal—to make things that I think are beautiful, not just things that will make other people happy because they’re cute and for a swap.


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