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Clean out my closet.

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Trying something new.

I’m trying the trick where you put all your clothes on hangers facing one way… then when you wear the item, you flip the hanger around so it’s pointing the other way. Then, at then end of whatever time period you choose (season, 6 months, whatever) you know exactly what you have and have not worn.

I already know of at least three pieces that will be going out… a business suit that I haven’t worn since 2005, a pinstriped jacket that just looks cheap, and a babydoll top that reminds me of an ex-boyfriend for some reason. And it looks cheap too.

Better to have a few things that you LOVE and are good quality rather than a whole bunch of cheap things you sort of like.

Started a Goodwill box today.

Since I just moved into a new apartment, I’m slowly going through my clothing and getting rid of clothes that don’t fit or I don’t wear. Once everything’s out of the closet, then I can just keep it clean! :)

Made some progress...

I bought some new hangers for my clothes, those thin “huggable” kind that don’t let your clothes fall off. They are awesome! They definitely take up less room. And they look so nice in my closet, and go on the bar much easier. I found some things to get rid of and some clothes that need to go in the wash, pronto. Things are moving along!

(Now, what to do with my old, crappy hangers?)

Side shelves are coming along... is the floor. :)

Partially done...

I’ve gotten rid of a bunch of clothes and shoes that I don’t wear anymore, and that feels great. However, I still have to clean up the floor, side and top shelves, and organize them. Once that’s complete, I’ll count this as done. I’m on the way!

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