Inkie in is doing 24 things including…

have a poem published in the New Yorker (or anywhere, really; or actually, just write with some frequency)

9 cheers


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Fuck. Fuckity fuck fuck.

So, my laptop died. I took it to CompUSA, and grabbed what I could off it before the battery died – they can’t guarantee they won’t wipe your drive – but I didn’t get all of my writing. Not the pages and pages of quotes I collected so laboriously for my dad, nor the poems I secreted over the years at the rate of stalagmites. Not sure I have any other copies.

Is there a saint of writing, or language or creativity? Should I just go ahead and say a novena to my favoritest saint – St. Jude, patron saint of lost causes? Or should I hold off and save him for bigger worries that may come down the pike?


I’ve just published a book, and didn’t write a word in it. Ah, the editor’s life.

But my name’s in there, in very small print. Hurrah.

Yay! Wrote!

Nearly finished a short piece (gamer’s alphabet: e.g. “L is for Leet”, with a short blurb for each entry), and wrote some notes for a short story.

Maybe I should revise this ...

... to “get published.”

At least I’m pounding out the words in writing group.

I don't know why the New Yorker ...

... but I feel like having a poem published there would be It. Maybe because I grew up reading the cartoons, eventually noticed there were poems, and from there worked my way up to the articles. It’s just been a part of my life for so long.

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