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indigoliquidd is doing 34 things including…

List 43 reasons that I love my fur-faces

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#38I think they missed us

DH and I were gone a lot today. Work, some classes, I visited my parents.when I got into bed tonight, Rocky jumped up to join me. He snuggled so close to me that part of him was ON my leg. I think he missed me.

#37 did I say ping pong balls?

Because what I really meant was bouncy/ super balls. I have two small bouncy balls in the junk drawer. They are from the senior prank of the class of ‘04 (the senior class before me).

The kitties see these things and they chase, bound, and jump. Rocky will. Stretch up while the ball is going over his head, grab it with two paws, pull it down to the ground and nom. Then he kind of tosses it away from hisself and chases it when it bounces away. It is like his hunting or something. I love it. It cracks me up, and he is getting good exercise.

#36 really aggressively enjoying the cat brush

Rocky has a love/hate relationship with his still bristled cat brush. As in… He LOVES being brushed. But he has got to run over to something to rub his face on whatever it is, dig his head into the ground, and generally get into a comfortable position. And he almost constantly walks around and goes around while getting groomed. It can sometimes be a pain in the butt for the human trying to brush away all that extra fur (in other words…. Me). He also has to rub his face on the brush and BITE the bristles. Really kitty?

Well, the best part about the particular brushing incident that happened yesterday. I was brushing Rocky, and he decid that he wanted to rub his face n and sit inside of one of apollo’s too small boxes. He is aggressively rubbing his face on the corners of the box from sitting inside. I’m brushing him, he is rubbing. He flops down inside of the box, with the majority of his weight pushing against the inside corner. All of a sudden RIIIIIPPPPP! His fat ass broke the cardboard box. And then RIIIIIPPPPPPP he tore the next corner over too. But that suited him just fine. Because now one of the sides of the box is just laying on the floor. And now he has ample room to spread out.

When he broke the box, I swear I sat on the floor and laugh my butt off for a good five minutes. Silly old cat.

#35 desperation for cuddles

Today, Brad was eating his later dinner at the coffee table… While playing his new Wii game (Xenoblade Chronicles… I think I married a 12 year old boy sometimes). Here comes Rocky (doop doop doop… That is the sound of him walking). Rocky jumped up on the couch to prepare and then.l. He legit did a BELLYFLOP across Brad’s arms and lap.

We are talking his back legs were sticking almost straight behind him until Brad maneuvered the little cat body around to get him laying down properly. We were both cracking up. He is crazy about Brad’s lap.

#34 the crunchy purple kick toy

Oh Rocky. Who knew that buying you that crunchy purple kick toy for Christmas would come in so handy? (yes we buy our kitties Christmas toys! They even have their own stocking! One with an ‘A’ and one with a ‘R’)

Rocky likes to chase Apollo. This is annoying because it often leads to kitty fighting and those awful sounds they make when they fight. Within the past month, Rocky has fallen IN LOVE with his crunchy kick toy. Apollo will get away from him, and then he circles in n the kick toy and starts kicking it furiously…taking his aggression out on the toy instead of on Apollo.

Sometimes he just wants to play with the toy. He rolls around, holds it in his front paws and rubs it on his head while he kicks it with his back legs/paws. It is adorable to watch. When he exhausts himlf that way,then he will lie next to it and keep one paw draped across the toy. Like he is cuddling with it or something. Or he will just plain out lay on top of the toy.

Any way you look at it, that toy was a great investment!

#33 ping pong balls

Have you ever seen a cat chase a ping pong ball? Both in the middle of a game of ping pong and just regular around the house. Well you should. Because it is one of the funniest things you will ever see. Rocky will chase, bat with his paws, slide around the kitchen chasing a ping pong ball. Plus the way they bounce and ricochet off of everything.l. It is priceless.

#32 'Pollopants

A long time ago, I made a post about Rocky’s nicknames… Well Apollo has plenty too!

There is pollochicks. That one is because he has this little chicken toy. It’s like a weeble… It wobbles but it won’t fall down. And it had lots of feathers on the butt. During his chicken phase, he would sit with it, near it, on it.just showing off that it was one of his favorite toys.

There is also plain old ‘pollo’, Pollopants, polloman, little buddy, little man, and ‘who’s a good boy???’. I swear he thinks ‘good boy’ is his name sometimes.


Rocky loves yarn. I have a ball of yarn from when I used to crochet washcloths. He is hilarious. His pupils get HUGE and he looks just like the cat in this picture. I can run around with him for ten, fifteen minutes. He chases, does the butt wiggle, jumps, leaps. It’s the best exercise he gets.

As a metter of fact, he loves his ball of yarn so much that he went into the box where I was keeping it, pulled it out with his mouth, and started playing with it just now, what a goof ball.

#30 Kitty sandwich!

Last night Rocky decided that he wanted to be a kitty sandwich with human bread. It was so cute to put my hand down on the bed in the middle of the night and feel the furball between us. Of course… it makes cuddling inconvenient. And I was worried that he wasn’t breathing so I had to leave my hand flat on his side until I could feel his chest moving. :) My little purrbaby!

#29 Naughty but not too naughty

I love the fact that my cats have some naughty tendencies, but it’s nothing that is really bad. For example, they get “naughty paws” at least once or twice a day. And that is mostly Rocky. Ok, 99% of the time it’s Rocky. And we tell him that he’s got “naughty paws” when he jumps up on the table or on the counters. They only two reasons he EVER jumps up on the table or counters is out of curiosity or to get attention. Mostly to get attention when he’s hungry or feeling playful. That he knows works. He also tried to meow at us.. but we’ve taken to meowing right back in his face. It’s so funny to watch, too. Like he’s confused or insulted that we’re talking over him.

But my cats aren’t too naughty. They don’t scratch at our furniture and they’ve never once tried to play with the toilet paper. Thank goodness! I can deal with naughty paws and meowing. :)

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