indigostrings is doing 40 things including…

lift weights every Monday night at 9 PM

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much better

I did 30 minutes on the bike, did lots of heavy squats and abs. I started at 9:45 and went til 10:30.

I’m going to Florida with my boyfriend in 10 days and I want to look good!

Intimidating to work out after a long stretch

The days where I was running 20 miles a week, lifting weights 3-4 times a week, and studying to be a personal trainer seem like so long ago. I am nothing like that now, even though I only weigh about 10 lbs. more than I did back then. At 5’6”, an extra 10 lbs is noticeable, but no one would say I am overweight.

I feel like I am so removed from a “fit” lifestyle that I can never be back where I was at age 23. But now I have a block of time where I can work out, so I should take advantage of it.

I am about to go for a 20 minute jog, so that when I hit the gym tomorrow I am a little less intimidated.

consistent... but not often enough

I go every 7-10 days. But I would like it to be more like every 4-6 days.

I am very satisfied with how much I push myself, though. I always start with Olympic lifts. That works a ton of muscles and gives me a good jump start. I do about 8-10 exercises before calling it a night.

I do not have a normal “routine” set up yet. I am just taking a month or two to break my body in. When the soreness stops, I can set up something more rigid.

I'm about to hit the gym

I REALLY don’t want to… it’s 9:45 PM and I am sooo comfortable on my couch :(

I have to get my ass out the door, like NOW. The gym closes at 11.

Maybe I’ll do my shoulders, chest and triceps.

I HATE the feeling of ‘having to go’ to the gym. I am happy and excited once I get there, but I hate having to do it.


Last week I did my biceps, back and legs.

Yesterday I did triceps, shoulders and chest.

I am sore! Pretty soon I will be doing this much more often. It’s easy now because my workouts are shorter and less frequent. I am starting slow because I will be too sore to move otherwise.


I’m doing well here. I decided I am done with the conditioning phase and I’m now in the improvement phase. Now I can add more weight and reduce my reps. My goal is to reach failure each time.

I now do my weight training in 45 minutes instead of an hour. It’s because I push myself so hard that I finish sooner.

changed up the routine

I am officially past the intro phase and now I am working on improving weight/reps, etc. I applied a few plyometric things in there to keep the heart rate up. My quads are killing me now.

aaah! I feel like a slacker!

I haven’t weight trained yet this week. I only did 2 cardio sessions. My b/f is on vacation and I’m spending all sorts of time with him! I HAVE to go tomorrow and again on Saturday.

started on December 3rd

I did 10 separate exercises and put it in a journal. I did:

french press
lateral raises
upright rows
dead lifts
chin ups (biceps)
pectoral flies
tricep pulldowns
calf raises

And I was sore the next day! lol

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