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work on my abs

6 cheers


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set up in my basement. in a good spot

100 reps 3X a week… great benefits!

machine is set up in my room

No more excuses! I did 102 reps the other day (6 sets of 17) and it felt great!


I brought my super-cool ab machine up from the basement. That’s a start, right? :)

I absolutely SLACKED!

I haven’t worked out in 13 days. I hate going on a long hiatus. I worked 55 hours last week so I sort of have an excuse. Still though, I hate when this much time passes! There’s a 6 PM ab class tonight. I have to go.

found out how to do it

I have a Pilates video that was collecting dust in the basement. Mari Windsor is the instructor. I am soooooo short on time with working 2 jobs and I really don’t want to pay a sitter so I can work out. My only option is to do Pilates either while doing my day job (I am a nanny) or when I get off work and the baby is sleeping (more likely since I will be more energetic).

I really despise ab work. I am good at it… I think I have strong abs, but I get bored with it quick.


I learned a cool ab move that involves a medicine ball. It’s tricky at first. I did 21 reps, then 25, then 30.


I do ab workouts every time I go to the gym. My abs aren’t sore anymore afterwards.

doing really well

I’ve been putting in a decent ab workout about 3 times per week. I want to eventually bring it up to 4 or 5. I am getting pretty sore afterward so I’m going slow.


I did my first ab workout yesterday. They are only a little sore today. I pushed myself yesterday by doing 3 sets of 10 on the incline bench and also 2 sets of 10 on the leg lift device.

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