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Use only cloth diapers


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some advice about cloth diapers

Seriously, you are dealing with yucky poop regardless if you use cloth or disposable. The only difference is that you are tossing things into a washer instead of the trash. Don’t let some poopy messes dissuade you from saving a ton of money and our landfill space. Human waste is NOT supposed to be in landfills. It belongs in the sewage system. The washer takes care of everything. Give an extra rinse and line-dry.

My son is almost 2, and he has NEVER had a diaper rash. Not even ONE.

Fuzzi Bunz

I just started yesterday, but I think so far it’s worth doing. One thing I know for sure… he looks adorable in them! I can’t get enough of them. I keep showing people his little tushie that’s always a different color.

There’s been some wetness here and there, but I think I am still getting used to the fitting and tonight I gave him 2 inserts so he doesn’t leak like last night.


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