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be more environmentally friendly

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new goals

What I like about this goal is that it never stops. There’s no way to have a zero footprint, but what’s cool is that there’s always room for improvement.

My new goals are to buy cloth napkins and cloth towels to use for spills instead of paper towels. They won’t cost much.

I would love to buy a hybrid in 8 years too! 2016 would be the year.

major progress

I am vegan now! My footprint was reduced probably by half maybe?

plastic bags

I hate plastic bags.

I hate going to the store to get 2 or 3 things, and saying, “I don’t need a bag” and they stare at me blankly and say “are you SURE?” – as if they can’t conceive the thought that a human being in this post-caveman society can USE THEIR OWN 2 HANDS to carry their shit out?

I hate forgetting my canvas bags, and the moron bagger throws one item in each bag and I am stuck with 55 plastic bags for a 30 dollar grocery order. I have to hurry up and throw my stuff on the belt so I can RUN down to the end of the line to bag my own stuff before the bags become a part of my life.

I hate excessive packaging. I hate that more than excessive plastic bags, but that’s another post.

Each household needs 10 plastic bags, max. If they included the count in with property tax, things would change quick.


On the top of my head, this is what I do, but there’s always room for more things. This goal will never really be met since you can never do too much.

1. I switched to environmentally friendly cleaning products. Melaleuca is AWESOME! I can recommend some products if anyone wants. I clean my floors, bathrooms, and wash my clothes with biodegradable stuff from that company and I LOVE the products!

2. Cloth diapers – cheaper and makes a huge impact on our landfill space.

3. I recycle everything. A good way to start is just by using re-usable cloth bags for your groceries. You will appreciate not having hundreds of plastic bags crowding your cupboard space, lol.

4. Unprocessed foods have less packaging and less waste. I also buy my rice, oatmeal, coffee, etc. in large quantities, which is cheaper and uses less packaging. Most grocery stores have little machines you can grind up the beans with and just carry the coffee home in a paper bag. No metal cans necessary :)

5. I wear my clothes 2 or 3 times before washing them. Your clothes will last longer and you don’t use up as much water.

6. I buy used baby clothes and toys. They would have just ended up in the garbage anyway and they are usually in good shape since babies don’t really wear their clothes/toys out.

7. I make my greeting cards from scratch. I use cards that people gave me and cut them up really cute and make new cards out of them. People like the creativity and you don’t have a shoebox full of cards. (I do keep cards from my boyfriend though!)

I still take long hot showers and leave the lights on too much. I also drive a little too much when I can walk. There’s always a little more we can do

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