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be more assertive

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path to assertiveness

was to just accept myself. i think a lot of my passiveness was due to a feeling of unworthiness…and that i hadn’t exactly walked the right path in life… but as soon as i decided to just accept who i was past and present..being assertive just happened.

getting there..

I am more assertive than when I wrote the first entry and it’s really spun off into other areas of my life…
but still a long way to go.

The big test will be returning to hometown…

damn i wasn't assertive enough

was confronted by my boyfriend’s friend who made some really racist and ignorant remarks.
i was so shocked it took me a while to process it.
i wish i had said something to him at the time, but I didn’t know how to react and i second guessed my reaction.
i feel really bad now because firstly i didn’t confront him, the moment has passed and now all i can do is ignore him instead of telling him that I have an issue with his ignorant ways.

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