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It's tough when it feels like you have to compensate for the 3% of terrible drivers

It’s scary. One thing that’s helpful (although annoying) is to just stick behind the bus or slow moving big rig. Yes it takes longer, yes it’s annoying, but no one will try to get between you and the big vehicle unless they’re desperate. They’re more likely to cut in front of the bigger car, which is going a lot slower anyway.


Again, I try to do this but it’s hard not to get mad when people cut in and then proceed to drive like 10 miles slower. : /

I got involved with a minor road rage incident today, with the guy cutting in front to “get back” because I passed him. I’m not sure if i cut too close, but quite frankly his veering across lanes did not help.

I did not engage him, even though he slowed down to either glare or give me the finger. I wish people would LOOK and use their turn signals and WAIT. If you don’t have enough room, don’t risk it. There is such a thing as right of way, and that doesn’t mean you fitting your car into the space, no matter how much the other person will have to brake.

It's hard to do when people don't reciprocate

I try to be a defensive driver and not be aggressive, but it’s hard not to want to start strangling people when they are talking on their cell phones and are too engrossed in themselves to pay attention.

Not to mention when people get pissy when they are in the wrong. If I honk at you, it might be to avoid getting hit by your car because you might not have seen me or you didn’t bother to look. Honking at me when I turn doesn’t help the situation. Sigh.

Sometimes it can be really scary

I encountered a woman who screamed epithets at me because my ride was temporarily blocking her path. She even drove up next to my car, rolled down the window, and repeated herself (yelling still) 3 or 4 times.

I was really upset and am still trying to calm myself down. I was a little immature and stupid, although in retrospect she wouldn’t have seen anything I did because it was dark. I did not follow her after she drove off, although I was REALLY tempted to. There’s no point in engaging…as I imagine she’s probably forgotten all about it and is busy doing whatever in her waste of her life.

Still working on this

Sometimes it’s really hard when people don’t obey the rules or are douchebags just because they can be.

Still, I did not lose my temper (as I was going to the gym). Sometimes you just have to let things go.


This is really hard when people do things illegally—ride in the bike lane, turn into the street without yielding the right of way, etc. It’s tough not to take it personally, especially when I AM obeying the traffic laws.

Still working on it.

I still prefer driving in the morning when it’s quieter. It’s also EXTREMELY frustrating when people continue to text or use the phone. you can almost tell because they are driving more slowly or more erratically. But it’s not about what the other person is doing. Drive like you own the car, not the road.

I gave in

I got really mad at a driver who didn’t cut me off, but turned into my lane despite the fact that I had to slow down in order to let him in. I wanted to give that guy a piece of my mind and I lost my temper.

Then I got mad at someone who switched lanes and decided to drive slower than the rate I was driving. I really hate it when that happens. I didn’t do any rude gestures (I haven’t crossed that line), but losing my temper didn’t do any good and it really isn’t worth the time. I have to remember that. It doesn’t help anyone.

Sometimes it's really hard

Nowadays I’ve noticed (maybe it’s been always like this) that people don’t give a damn about the rules of the road. Forget about the right of way, so long as you can get your car in and out, who gives a damn about following the road rules. Even if the oncoming car has to break or stop, people still cut in, switch lanes, make that turn even though I’m pretty sure you should only go if it’s clear or there’s enough distance so you don’t slow things down.

Another reason to remain calm and to be a courteous driver

Most of this family lost their lives in a road rage incident! While certainly this has never gone so far for me, you never know if some punk’s got a gun on him…

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