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get back to 100-103 pounds

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I’m on the higher end of of the goal, but no matter. So long as I maintain 103+/-2, I’ll be content.

very suspicious

i started losing weight all of a sudden, dropping two pounds in barely over a week. ‘reckon i should be happy because i’m now 2-5 pounds away from my goal. but my body wasn’t being particularly cooperative for the entire summer, so i’m suspicious that all of a sudden it would be.

well… hopefully i’ll be marking this goal off my list soon and freeing up space for something more ambitious & substantial.

update (8.19.11)
i think i’m just stressed. maybe dehydrated.

today’s image:

today’s plan: drink tons of water!

ordered the audubon field guide to the southeastern region of the united states

Our old apartment complex was fabulous, but what I miss most about it is the lake loop walking trail behind the complex. It’s a marvelous luxury to be able to step outside and into a park on a lake. Even though I only moved 2 [driving] miles away, I haven’t been back there often and have been walking my dogs around the neighborhood instead. While my neighborhood is lovely, passing by the same houses walk after walk is much more dull than passing the changing natural scenery of turtles, herons, swans, ducks, small mammals, trees, flowers, and on and on and on. Today, I took my dogs across the train tracks to explore a park that I’ve driven past a million times, but haven’t been to. Turns out, that little park is connected by a 0.2 mile nature trail to the lake loop!! The walk to the loop is now 20 minutes rather than 1, but that’s all the better! I don’t like short walks.

When I came home, I ordered a field guide so I can identify what I see. My father is a nature photographer & entomologist, so I should step up and know my surrounding nature, at least on a basic level.

Walking to the lake trail means I can easily walk to our vet, the library, and other places that were within walking distance to the apartments. Without the lake path, I’d have to walk alongside the road to get to any of those places (and, while I’ve expanded my biking path to my ballet studio and tailor, I’m still pretty hesitant to drive on the road).

I think I’m around 105-106 pounds now, and am pretty excited about reincorporating a much loved lake back into my walking haunts and (hopefully) get back to my happy weight in the meantime!

...When it snowed while we were living in the apartments, we took our dogs down to the lake (which is surrounded by forested area) and, since you could only get to the lake by foot, had a private winter wonderland! I wish we’d taken more pictures of the scenery and not just the pups. I’m giddy to know that if it snows again to the point where folks aren’t able to drive, we can still go back to the lake.

for the record

I’m somewhere between 5’ and 5’1” – so 100-103 pounds is a happy, healthy, non-tween weight range for me. I figured I’d get it out there, since 100 pounds would be a tremendously unhealthy weight for anyone who is even close to average height, and I’m not interested in propagating an unhealthy body culture. Anyhoo, I gained a few pounds over the holidays and a few more over the past semester and am now around 107-108. Still healthy, but not as comfortable, confident, content. I don’t doubt that it’s not good that a few pounds make such a big mental difference, however, there’s only so much self improving a gal can focus on in a day and I’d rather take care of the physical and put the mental part of this on the back burner.

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