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Manayunk Restaurant week     Cactus Cantina 4245 Main St $25 Tequila,Chili, Tacos Dinner

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We went to a place in N. Canton called Cheeseburgers in Paradise. As you can guess it was a Jimmy Buffett themed restaurant. We had a good time, the food was good, and the service was great. We were pretty happy overall.


This week I tried two new places:
Brubaker’s Pub in the Chapel Hill area. The food was pretty good, but the place was dead when we were there. Mostly because it was an odd time.

Also yesterday I went with my dad to Kevin O’Bryans Irish pub which is in my neighborhood. We went for the Guiniss, which was good, but we stayed because it was a friendly place with good food.


On Saturday we went to local bar Cleats to watch game 6 of the Eastern Conference NBA tournament. The bar was a typical hole in the wall sports bar, but the people were quite friendly and the place was very full. Here’s a list of all of the neighborhood bars…so far we’ve only been to two, time to get busy I guess.

We went to another place in the Montrose shopping area in Akron called the On Tap Grill and Bar. It was okay, but not amazing.


In May we went to Pigen Forge, TN on vacation. Most of the places we went we had been to a couple of years ago when we went on our honeymoon. By recommendation we tried The Old Mill restaurant. The food was pretty good, but it was a little spendy for what you get in my opinion.


I got behind on this a little bit, but I’m getting caught up. We went to a place in Medina, OH in the town square called the Medina Diner. The food was typical diner food…good, greasy, and cheap. Here’s a link for info about the town square.


Today we went to a german restaurant in North Canton called Geisen Haus. It was more like a german themed sports bar. The food was pretty good, but the service left a little to be desired.


On Friday we went to a place called the Ido Bar and Grill on Ido avenue. It’s only about a mile from our house and we liked it pretty well. It was mostly middle aged people there so we felt a little out of place. The food was good (but a little pricey) and I’m sure we’ll go there again.

Saturday we went to a place in North Canton called Panchos Southwestern Grill. It was a “mexican” restuarant where the food was okay, but overly americanized. I can think of other mexican places I’d rather support.

January #2

We met a friend for dinner at Mavis Winkle’s Irish Pub in Independence, OH. I had a grilled chicken sandwich with a spinach/artichoke spread on it and sweet potato fries. Yum! It was a neat little place. There’s one pretty close to Akron as well so we may have to go there again.


On Thursday we went to a new bbq place near my house. I believe it was called JJ’s Smokin’ Grill.


I came in under the wire and tried a new Indian restaurant for lunch today called the saffron patch. it was a really good indian buffet.

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