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Work out 3 times a week

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Week 12

1 Sunday:
Ran outside 2 miles
20 minutes weight training
What a beautiful day outside today

2 Monday:
2 mile run outside
20 minutes weight training legs
2 mile walk outside in the evening

3 Tuesday:
30 minutes on the bike

4 Wednesday:
Went for a 15 minute walk around the ‘hood. We had other commitments today and Thursday so no time for the gym or running, but at least we can go for walks in the evening.

5 Thursday:
15 minute walk around the ‘hood after another long day.

Week 11

1 Sunday:
30 minutes elliptical
20 minutes weights

2 Monday:
30 minutes bike 9.2 miles
15 minutes abs
20 minutes weight training

3 Tuesday:
45 minutes elliptical
15 minutes abs
10 minutes weight training

4 Wednesday:
25 minutes-took a day off, but went for a walk around the ‘hood with my wife.

5 Thursday:
30 minutes walk
15 minutes weight training

Week 10

1 Sunday:
Ran a 5K race 26:40
Went to the gym and lifted weights 30 minutes

2 Monday:
Bike 30 minutes

3 Tuesday:
Run 25ish minutes at the local metro park. Very hilly and very muddy…lots of fun though.
20 minutes of resistance training. Legs and Core.

4 Friday:
ran 1 mile
walked 2 miles

5 Saturday:
Elliptical 30 minutes
weight training 20 minutes

#5 Week 9

ran 1.75 miles Outside!!! It was really nice out today
lifted weights 15 minutes

#4 Week 9

Bike 30 minutes
lift 15 minutes

#3 Week 9

30 minutes on the elliptical
15 minutes upper body/core resistance training

I’m not sure why, but I’m still really sore from my race last Sunday, so I’m taking it kind of easy. I have another race this Sunday as well.

#2 Week 9

30 minutes on the bike
15 minutes upper body resistance training

#3 Week 8 & #1 Week 9

Not at the gym but I ran my first 5K race today. It was totally awesome.

last workout before the 5K. I took it pretty easy but did 30 minutes on the treadmill.

#2 Week 8

ran on the hotel treadmill 2 miles.
it was rather painful.

#1 week 8

Ran 2.5 miles at 7mph
walked 1 mile at 4.5mph

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