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Planted some trees

The city finally planted a couple of trees in my yard last week and over the weekend I planted 2 more. I planted cleveland select pear trees.

I finally got a call from the city

arborist last week and he said that they checked out my house and approved planting a couple of trees in my front yard next spring. Woohoo!

I called the city

to see if I needed a permit to plant the trees and it turns out I can request to have the City plant trees in the yard for me free of charge. I was anticipating to pay $300-400 for trees and materials so this is a nice thing to hear. Hopefully I’ll hear back from them soon.

Or 5

Our yard only has one tree in it and a previous owner cut down all of the trees along the street. We don’t have a huge yard, but we live on a corner so there’s plenty of room to plant trees along the edges of our yard.

We’re thinking about Prarie Fire Crab Apple trees in front of our house, and two Cleveland Select Pear trees along the side of the house. The photo is of the crabapple

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