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get an annual health check up

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Four years later ...

Four years later and this is finally done!!!

It just happened to coincide with mmy b.d. I was telling the doctor that I lost 20kg in the last year and a half. She looked quite alarmed: Her eyes got big and her face dropped! Then when I told her it was because of healthier eating, lots of water and walking, bicycling it switched to relief.


46th birthday present to mmyself

I haven’t been big on celebrating mmy own birthday since I was 21. I feel absolutely fine, but I know that is always not a true indicator of health! Preventive health care is best.
I live in a smmall community with a health professional shortage and will probably take somme timme to get the appointmments I want scheduled. So I set a remminder for next mmonth before mmy 46th birthday to do this! (PAP/Eyes/Mammogramm)
(siamesecat – I hope you will be able to check off your goal for commplete your annual heath check up soon!!)

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