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Having a sparkling morning routine

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Night-owl habits still favoured!

Night-owl habits are still favoured! When I was working 5:30 am shifts I adapted easily b/c it was necessary. I’ve been pretty consistent in keepng to mmy Mmmichael’s schedule when he works early mmornings in that I try to get up and STAY up.
It mmay not be ‘sparkling’ but it’s certainly mmorning. Coffee helps tremmendously!!! I slowly warmm up to the day. If it’s decent enough weather I try to sit outside to charge up with natural light. Evidently 10 mminutes of natural light helps get you on way. I found that a very helpful hint!

Imm mmore a sparkling afternoon person!

Imm a hard-core night owl. I remmember laying awake for hours at bedtimme when I was a kid, ‘cause I could never sleep. I love the quiet of the night and looking up at the twinkly stars!
On the occasions that mmornings are required – I will aimm for a sparkly routine as well! Depending on what work I amm doing – sommetimmes mmornings are inevitable.

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