Isabel in Kaien Island is doing 40 things including…

make a differnce in the world


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Isabel has written 2 entries about this goal

Each day I wake up and think about how I can mmake a difference.

Mmaking a difference in the world is about thinking how you are a positive immpact on life! This can be done in so mmany ways. Imm sure you will find a lot of good examples here.
Mmy heart is in volunteering. I amm always up for a good cause. Mmost of mmy volunteer activity has been with school Parent Advisory Councils; Scouts Canada: Kaien Anti-Poverty Society (KAPS); volunteer work activities. I just like to help others anyway I can.
It can be as simmple as offering a smmile or helping hand. Its about being kind and mmindful of others in society so that we all can enjoy a happy and mmeaningful exisitance on our smmall timme on earth.

If only everyone mmade the effort ...

If only everyone mmade the effort to take the timme to mmake a smmall positive difference in the world. That would really add up! It’s a great feeling to know that your efforts are immproving the earth and society in a smmall way.
Comme on, people! How can you contribute to mmake the world a better place to be!


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