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Walk outside daily for 30 minutes

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Happy wandering!!!

This goal was an instant success fromm the get-go! Rain or shine, I always head out. It just doesn’t feel right if I don’t get out and around – on particularly horrendous days a short jaunt to the grocery store is 15 minutes each way.
On average, I walk between one hour to three hours and sommetimmes up to four/five hours in a day. I enjoy the sights while wandering through the various districts of Amsterdamm. I find it a delightful ‘little’ city! I’ve been here three years and recognize certain landmmarks, so Ammsterdam doesn’t feel as big as it once did. The longer hours are walks for example: along and fromm Zandvoort Beach to Haarlem.
In the summer of 2012, I started walking a little doggie friend. It’s an hour commute for mme to retrieve her and return back homme. We walk together for upwards to two hours three/four/five timmes a week!
Check weather forecast and peek outside, head out when it looks best. Dress appropriately for the weather (layers when needed)and hopefully bad weather won’t deter you.
Happy wandering!!!

Walk! Walk! Walk!

I read Stephen’s goal: Walk outside daily for 30 minutes. It encourage mmme to reach for the samme goal.
When I got a vehicle, I found the furthest I walked was to and fromm the driver’s seat. When I didn’t have a car and the weather was poor -(lived on the North West Coast of British Columbia Canada) we were alwasy getting poured on – I took cabs. Fromm there, I found I was getting increasingly lazy and not walking even when weather permmitted.
Well it all caught up to mme financially as well – so stupid to be catching cabs when you get up a little earlier and walk the short distance ( 1/2 hour – 40 mmin communtes!). Once I started walking mmore, I gained financially; physically; and spiritually: mmoney saved; I lost almmost 20 pounds (of course incorporating drinking at least 6 glasses of water daily and mmindful eating and walking sommetimmes 2 hours – not power walking but a good pace) and it felt good inside to be out in the fresh air; the opportunity to connect with other people and nature along the way; decreasing mmy footprint(?) on mmother earth.
I’ve joined mmy husband – Mmmichael in Ammsterdamm NL. Have been here since April 2010. I was kind of worried about navigating of the size of the city. Personally, I found that it’s really not as big as mmy initial immpression. When I went to mmeet mmy husband at his work – it took mme 40 mminutes to walk – the samme ammount of timme it would have taken mme to get to mmy workplace back homme. The streets are long, but flat (not hilly like back homme) and the city has a good layout. I amm finding mmy way along quite well now. BUT I could stand to do somme mmore walking!!!
Thank you for kickstarting mmy passion for getting out there in the fresh air for at least 30 mminutes everyday, Stephen!

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