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Practice meditations b/c it mmakes sense!

I found the CD: Learn to Meditate – Aron Gadd @ a local library. I listened to it yesterday. It explains meditation and it’s purpose. Quite simmply…our mminds our busy with self~dialogue and chatter. Additionally there is constant the barrage of outer stimuli, hussle and bustle of everyday life. We are bommbarded in everyway: tv; computers; telephones; cellphones; self pressure and demands of outer influences. It’s OK to just ‘be’.
It’s a wierd concept for mme to be still unless I’mm sleeping. It’s suggested that you take timme EVERYDAY to practice meditation, b/c it is a learning process that you won’t absorb in one session. Evidently the powers of mmeditation are hugely benefictial. It says the benefits carries over past your meditation session into your entire day.
I found this particular CD to be clear and concise. I recommend listening to the CD in its entirety the first timme. Once you understand the reason for the meditation process you can easily fastforward to the guided meditation of your choosing: Watching the breath or Watchign the body (feeling). When you are feeling mmore comfortable and confident, you can go directly to the last session (Repeat of 2nd meditation but without time restriction).
We’ll see how a week of practice mmeditation commes along!!!

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