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learn to touch type

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I suppose i can cross this off

I still make more mistakes than I should (one a minute, no matter what speed is ideal, I’m told), and I’m not as fast as I would like (about 70 wpm on a good day).

But, I can touchtype. So this goal is done :) The next goal will be ‘improve my touchtyping’.


dec 08

my average is now aboout 60wpm :)

and lyrics are a fun way to learn.
i can’t rememberwhere i saw it but i read somewhere that it is important to practice using lots of words because you use muscle memory to type – and you learn the sequence of keys for words.




i feel like i am a lot better at typing than these results show. this is because i find it difficult typing something i have never seen before, and it is my brain that struggles, as opposed to my typing slowing me down.

according to, my speed is around 46 wpm.

however, i have been using the website keybr, which i really like because you can choose what you are typing, and (as of today) i have an average of 64, and i have hit top speeds of about 150+. I usually type lyrics to songs i know well, which would explain the differing results. however, i find this the best way to improve my typing, since my brain is not slowing me down in processing what i am typing.

my accuracy still isn’t great, but it never has been that high. infact, i expect it has been getting a little better; since learning to touch type at least.

i am not sure whether to mark this goal as done yet, i wouldn’t say i could touchtype – though i suppose i can, since i use all ten fingers and know where all the keys are without looking (even if i do hit the wrong one quite often), and i still want to improve.

so it is still on the list, at least temporarily.



ok, at the moment

_%{color:purple}i can type around 25 words per minute,
and accuracy is usually above 90% but both vary. but i still look at the keyboard occasionally (although mostly i don’t need to).%_

but overall i am very happy with my progess (ok i wish i was progressing faster, but as they say, “patience is a virtue…”

according tothiswebsite, my typing speed is 33 wpm and i made 5 mistakes (it doesn’t say the percentage equivilent).

x jaii x

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