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get my ears pierced


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itsthatgaljay has written 5 entries about this goal


ive done this =]=]=]=]=]=]=]

i had the top of mi ear done =] i love it!!!

it doesnt really HURT i can feel it but its not really pain just discomfort!

i didnt even flinch! but i do have quite a high pain threshold!

ahhhhh love it!!!! i got the hoop not the stud anyway! i was just in there and he showed me the hoop im like yeah thats what i want!

im not sure if i should mark this as done, i want to do it more, but i can always do it again hell with it, ive done it!!!

not such a great idea to wear hedphones tho! ah well the tvs off i can put it thru the speakrs now( mi brother was wathchin the simpsons!)



went again yesterday but ringmaster wont do it unless i have a parent with me.


i wanted to be brave and do it on my own =D but if i have to get my mum.

and the worst bit is ringmaster sayed if i was 15 he would do it with my mums signature. but im 14. sux coz im practically 15 like mentally i wast moved up but ahhh i hate being told im too young!

but the place my mates did it, harveys, is only open at like 10 – 3 so i have no chance until saturday (and its my mates birthday, and we might be going swimming, i would like to give it a chance to heal!) but if i have my mum i can do it tomoro.

i guess its not worth waiting just to do it on my own, and im not even sure if harveys will do it my mates could pass for 16 but i couldnt.

stupid! but i will ask at harveys about their age policy for next time. and aparently ringmaster is a perv anyway!

but i want about 9 piercings! ive decided! i want 4 on the bottom of my right ear (lobe) and 3 on the left, plus one at the top and one halfway!!! =]=]=]

yay!!!!! the colour worked!!! it didnt last time i tried! =p


ahhhhh i went to town after school today and the place was SHUT!!!! :( thers 2 places i could go but im not sure when the 1 i want to go to is open but i know the other one is open degffinately untill 5 tomorow.

ahhhh hh that SUCKS i was all hyped and i told every1 i was doin it!!! btw aparently its the left if your strait… =s

but i will get it done tomoro (almost) no matter what (unless thers a toranado or something)!
and aparently studs are better at the top of your ear… easyer… so ill get that and you can always have a hoop later

yup i am sure this time i will =D=D=D


im getting over the fact that they do the top of your ear with a needle… duno y it freaks me so much im not scared of injections.

and aparently its just like an injection.

my mate who has 8 peirings got her hand done today yes HAND! it looks quite good actually. its the bit between your thumb and ringer like by the ligament it looks quite good that was done with a needle and she explained what happens.

and my other mate had the top of her ear done today and when i see her on monday ill ask her about it.

i think i wil be able to do this as soon as i save up £15, whick will be on monday! so yeah, get someone to come with me and i will asap i think!

wana do it again

did my lobes when i was about 9 5 years later i now want to do the cartalidge… but i have to get over the fact its not a gun! not that im scared of needles!...


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