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i did have the goals – “do yoga every day” and “improve my flexibility” – but i have decided to delete them (they had no entries) because they are pretty much the same as this goal.

yoga is part of my exersize plan, as are stretches, and both of these will improve my flexibility.

jayitami x

my aims...

basically, this is what i want to achive with daily exersize:

  • improved stamina
  • improved speed
  • improved flexibility
  • better overall fitness, healthier heart and lungs ect.
  • weight management
  • emotional outlet
  • to be able to do pressups and situps properly
  • to be able to do a walkover
  • to feel conficent i could defend myself should the situation arise

i will do this by:

  • pushing myself a little bit futher every week (eg. run further)
  • daily yoga and stretching
  • running and swimming on a regular basis, and walking the dog
  • musle exersizes (such as lunges, pressups, those kind of things) daily after yoga


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