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School Lunch

First a little background: my daughter lives with her mom. I have a fair amount of visitation with her (slightly more than the baseline, that most divorce decree’s specify).
On a recent extended visit while her mom was out of town, she mentioned that she really likes taking “home lunch” as opposed to eating “school lunch”. She and I talked at length and decided we would try something new. Even though I don’t see her everyday I am going to make her school lunches 4 out of 5 of the school days. A little planning shows that this shouldn’t be too difficult as long as I stay organized. Essentially when I see her on Monday nights I’ll have 2 lunches all ready to go for Tuesday and Wednesday, and on Wednesday nights I’ll have Thursday and Friday lunches ready. She’ll swap her empty lunch boxes for the 2 full ones that I have when we see each other.

This might seem like a strange thing to do… but in my (limited) experience with being a divorced dad, the more things I try to do in order to be a part of her “everyday” life, the better. It seems like divorced dads get thrown into one of 2 categories:
1) the deadbeat dad, who doesn’t even take the opportunity to see his kids when he can…
2) the “fun” dad, who sees his kids during visitation, takes them out for ice cream and movies, but doesn’t really get into the “serious” issues of their lives…

I’m aiming for the 3rd option… the “great dad”. This is the dad who strives to be a part of his child’s life everyday despite not getting to see her every day. This is the dad who sees her during their visitation, but who helps her study and do her homework during that same time. ... there are thousands of other things that this “great dad” will have to do to deserve his place outside the 2 typical divorced father categories. I just hope that, given time, I can make it into the 3rd category of fathers.

first and foremost

IF this goal is ever NOT at the top of my list, it just means I made a mistake the last time I reordered my list. NOTHING I do is as important as being a good father to my daughter.

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