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Love from the Heart means more to the Soul

A young girl, born with out a clue. Watching, waiting, worried. Fear comes from obstacles around her day and night. Love from her mother and father help and guide her through fear and anxiety. Waiting for a chance to wonder out, seek help and learn from everyone around her, she cries. Thinking in fear she was never loved, hoping for a better solution. The little girl looks left and right hoping to see the light ahead of the darkness but there is nothing but darkness, fog and evil.
Betrayal, lust and hate are strong to a little girl. She sees no compassion, commitment or love from others around her. She fears to get lost out in the darkness with no help and stays alone. Seeing the darkness in front of her, hoping there is a way out, there may not be. Knowing everything around her is dark, she keeps a strong heart. To her, fear is not an option, love is an encouragement, and life is a gift.
She fears what she does not know, she is encouraged by many around her and holds tight to the gift she was given, love, strong willed power and belief. As she wonders through the journey of life, she notices and feels power through her heart of strength and courage. Wanting a chance to pursue many keep her back, wanting a chance to let go and fight, keeping her heart and mind set on one goal. Free from harm, hatred, betrayal and lies she wonders alone. Darkness does not hold her back, it motivates her to push harder. Breaking free from the traps. Watching out for all the negative support and wrongful judgment, she endures her dreams and life again.


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