Free spirit, place of peace in Worcester is doing 12 things including…

learn basic car maintenance

10 cheers


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Free spirit, place of peace has written 2 entries about this goal

Just me being me

After mass today

a friend of ours came back to our school
and gave us a tutorial on cars

We learned how to change a tire and went through all the motions, getting the spare out of the trunk, using the jack, all the screws and bolts and such. It was quite empowering to learn that. (Though I may not be able to use it for a while- simply because well my tires aren’t flat and I don’t have a jack).

We also learned about windshield washer fluid and some other things under the hood.

I feel a lot more comfortable now.

He was very patient with us and we applied what he was saying- it was hands on- and that helped a lot, for me.

Every little bit counts, right?

Baby steps for this goal.

I started off knowing nothing, mind you. I didn’t even know you could flip the rear view mirror thingy at night to stop being blinded. My friend told me that a few months ago.

I can check and add oil successfully. And open the hood of the car (the hood sticks, and its hard to open sometimes).

And the other day my dad showed me how to put air in my tires and he gave me an air gauge. Yesterday I used it! I checked all four of my tires. Eeep, one of them only had 19 pounds….. But I added air to three of them. And all was well.

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