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Learn to play the guitar

10 cheers


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Free spirit, place of peace has written 23 entries about this goal

Have not played

guitar much at all since my last entry.

However, I did take a class and build my own electric guitar. Now that I am done graduate school (and thus have more time) maybe I can spend some time working on chords and strumming again…

i practice guitar

now every day or two

and i still do struggle sometimes

but i am getting better steadily and i have a direction now,

thanks to my tuesday night guitar lessons.

i know almost all the major chords and many minors.

i am learning different strumming patterns.

learning picking right now and how to pick one string at a time, in series of triplets.

i know the strumming pattern and chord progression to dead flowers by the rolling stones, but i am working on how to pick it.

all in all, great decision.

someday i will be able to play through songs YAYYYYYYYYYY


up for guitar lessons again!

My room mate was looking for classes- not just looking, actually- she was determined to find tap classes, and she was so happy after coming home from her first lesson that I got the bug and started looking for guitar lessons. Saw an ad for one last week when I was walking down the street, checked it out online, but it was way out of my budget. Craigslist served me well though, and I found someone in my town who teaches lessons out of their home, for $15 a lesson. I e-mailed him and… my first lesson is this Tuesday! I’m excited.

Let’s see how lesson number 1 one goes.

practiced guitar


and enjoyed it.

(i hadn’t lost everything, either, that i had learned from my lessons)


have gotten back into playing the guitar.

working on tuning it every time i practice.

and just playing it and getting my fingers used to the strings again.

i still have that book of chords that i can use to do some learning…
and maybe remember.
and learn to play.
yes, play.

Let's see how that goes.

So I had been slacking on this goal for a heckofalongtime….

I was at Almost Home the other day playing ping pong with a friend, and they were talking about the guitar. He had taught himself how to play guitar, and I thought that was really cool, so I was asking him all about it…... and it gave me renewed inspiration to try s’more.

So yesterday I picked up the electric guitar I’d been borrowing from Chris, and started strumming. At first it bothered me that it didn’t sound like the acoustic guitar, but…as I got used to the sound, it was okay. And I was happy playing. It wasn’t so bad. So when I go home this Wednesday, I’d like to pick up the ol’ acoustic, and try a spot o’ strumming.

three days and counting

so I’ve been practicing this electric guitar

and it’s quite fun

(how did i ever stop playing the acoustic? fears?)

i’m adjusting to the difference of sound

and how heavy the guitar is

and small

but i think i’ll really like it.

I see my love

My friend just let me borrow his electric guitar.

Now I have no experience with an electric guitar and only a bit o’ work on the acoustic guitar, but this one seems really neat. And I am excited to try it out. Especially psyched that it doesn’t have to be loud- I can put the headphones on, and have it not bother my room mates. Yay!


I got a guitar tuner for Christmas.

And it’s really easy to use.

Now I can play again. And not feel out of tune.

New found inspiration? I hope so.

I guess I know the fallout....

I’ve been practicing less and less since I stopped lessons and went back to school. It’d be hard to play at the apartment- I fear the music would bother the roomies- so I left the guitar at home and play when I go there.

Another challenge: My instructor taught me how to tune the guitar on my last lesson… and I’ve tried it.. and it’s hard. I don’t know if I’m doing it right and I get the feeling that I’m not, and it’s wholly frustrating. I want to learn how to do it CORRECTLY.

Solution? I guess find a friend willing to teach me, because if I can’t tune the guitar, I can’t really play that well. Clearly.

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