Free spirit, place of peace in Worcester is doing 12 things including…

Get (or renew) a passport

5 cheers


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Free spirit, place of peace has written 3 entries about this goal

the form is all filled out and ready to go in a few months...

this goal is temporarily postponed until the summertime, as i do not have any money…. and i found out that i don’t need my passport to get into canada for my mission trip in january.


a few more baby steps...

alright i stopped by the post office to pick up an application.

and my dad was able to pick the lock on my safe, but…. my social security card was not in there, nor was my birth certificate. hmm. but my bank passbook was, and so now i have money to pay for the passport.

next on list: dig through house to find ssn/ birth certificate…

EDIT: i found my birth certificate, in dad’s safe…. now i just need the ssn. hm.

baby steps....

alright… i need to get my social security card and birth certificate for my passport. they’re curently locked in a safe with a missing key. i guess i’ll call sentry?

also, note to self, stop by the post office today to pick up an application.

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