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How Many Cheers?

Does anyone know how 43T determines how many cheers to allot to you?

A few days ago, they started coming in fast and furious, but I only got 1 today and a handful yesterday. I’ve been giving them all out, receiving them, writing entries and generally being more active too.


I know it’s linked to the number of cheers I receive. Every time I see that I got two new cheers, the number of cheers available to me also goes up by 1.

I originally thought that your max was 5 plus a bonus of a few if you give out all 5 and an additional few if you receive cheers as well. I had 12 cheers available once. But it hasn’t been making any sense these last several days.

-sigh- When I get more cheers, all the people who cheered me will get a cheer back, then I’ll go to randomly found people.


Ah, I see it. The number of cheers you get per day is equivalent to the number of goals you’ve added. It’s reset at midnight Eastern Daylight Time. I just got 6 cheers available. And it’s 9pm Pacific for me.

You’ll also get another one cheer to give for every cheer you receive.

When I noticed them coming in midday a few days ago, I think it was because some setting was reset and a server was restarted. It also coincided with me adding a goal or two, as well as people cheering me back.


It think it’s also linked to how many things you’ve already accomplished as well.

I notice that I get double the number of cheers available in my 43 Places list even though I have been cheered less over there.

These little buggers...

... keep coming back!

I was down to 0 cheers left to give out. I blink and I have more again =D =D

Like Hot Potatoes =)

They’re of no use to me anyway =)

I try to find goals that are worthwhile and either don’t have cheers already or don’t have many cheers.

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