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decide exactly what I want in life

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My Passions: / Career thoughts

Long Distance Running
Drinking … :S
Women …

I’m 27 years old, what am I gonna commit my life to? I’ve been teaching English since I was 21 and have certainly lost passion for that. Maybe if I didn’t feel so goddamn tired all of the time.

World Peace Program? Philanthropy? I have a family back in Canada to worry about. I need to make some cold hard cash so my Mom and Den, GP and Dot can retire! So my niece and nephew have a solid and healthy upbringing. That’s on my shoulders.

Business? I shudder at the very thought of it. Following market fluctuations and stock prices. Running my own business would be great, but I have 0 work ethic at the moment.

China has allowed me to become entirely lazy both physically and mentally. I have to shape up.

Well, Japan came up first on my list. I know for a fact that I’d be happier being a line cook in Japan, than being rich in China. Never have I been so happy in my recent years than alone in Japan. The amount of energy and creativity that sprung out of me was unreal. I have always been drawn to Japan, almost like an energy. Not the novelties and reasons most foreigners like Japan. I feel a sacred connection with the place. Weird, huh?

Well, let’s start there. Jobs in Japan maybe. I’ll keep ya posted.


I’m off this Friday so this is the day I will use to create an ultimate goal program.

1. USB
2. Personal Power II, Goal Setting Workshop
3. Paper and pens

I’ll turn off my phone, clean my apartment, open the windows, vow to quit smoking and drinking beforehand, get hyped up on coffee, get into peak state, then ROCK AND ROLL!

The Ultimate Success Formula

1) KNOW YOUR OUTCOME. Precisely define what you want


3) Develop sensory acuity to recognize the kind of responses you’re getting. Are you getting closer to your goals? Or further away?

4) Develop flexibility to change your approach if you’re not getting closer to your outcome.

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