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quit smoking for good

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jamie322 has written 10 entries about this goal

A Stretch

I’ve decided to call the health insurance service in for this one….I can’t seem to give it up =( I say I need to quit and end up smoking more! To be fair (and yes I know this is an excuse), my hubby and I are totally stressed out but we HAVE to quit! For ourselves and our kids!!


I suck at this goal.

To Smoke or Not To Smoke

Ok so I have been doing pretty good on this one. I have smoked but those instances were extreme circumstances…..drunk as hell, nervous as hell, and PMSing like all hell!!! I think that a few cigs outta the month versus a pack every couple days is a HUGE improvement!! It’ll eventually get better….

Big Step

For the 1st time in a LONG time, I’ve made it through finals without smoking!!

Trying Hard

I have done really well so far with only 1 slip when I was shitfaced on my birthday (not dealing well with the age thing) and if I can make it thru finals without giving in I’ve managed to accomplish something…..pray for me!

Up in Smoke Literaly

Ok I am the weakest of the weak! I bought a whole pack and have smoked nearly the whole thing (with the help of my hubby who “quit” too)! I feel like such a failure! But I shall rise to the top again!!!!! This will not beat me! I am bigger than the tobacco!!!

~ I'm Weak ~

Ok in the midst of finals and the stress of marital issues I caved and smoked like 9 cigarrettes! I hate myself for it but damn it they tasted sooo good! But that was 2 days ago so I am starting the count over! Wish me luck!!!!

29 Days & counting!!!!

Ok I am gonna be honest with y’all….this sucks. I have managed to pull it off for almost a whole month and I want a cig so bad I could cry! I am cranky, bithcy, and I’ve gained like 6 lbs!!! I hate it! But once again I will overcome!!! YAY me!!!!

~ 19 days and counting! ~

Ok I’ve made it almost 3 weeks without a cig and I’m not the happiest person in the world but there has been no blood shed….yet. I have been tempted to punch several in the mouth and take theirs but I’ve withstood so far…..don’t know how much longer I can make it!

Gettin nowhere!!!!

Ok not even trying…just not ready yet!

jamie322 has gotten 22 cheers on this goal.


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