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find at least one thing each day that makes me happy and record it everyday for a year

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#259 I am happy

I got around to wash my car.

#258 I am happy

I continued decluttering the house.

#257 I am happy

my new GPS came today.

#256 I am happy

I received two checks in the mail today! :)

#255 I am happy

I have finally gotten over a very difficult man after finally understanding him and being disillusioned … :)

#254 I am happy

I may have found a solution to a long-standing GERD problem.

#253 I am happy

I had a great long talk with a true friend who made a difference for me today! :)

#252 I am happy

I finally got around to folding my laundry!! :)

#251 I am happy

I am really done with a difficult case at work!

#250 I am happy

I am more than half way through my training! :)

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