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get into an ivy league school

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So.. I got a call in mid May. Well.. callS. When the first call came through, I wasnt home. Second call, I was home. He asked me if I was interested in getting off the waitlist and I said yeah. And he said that tehre was a high chance that I am accepted off the waitlist. and I said coolies..

But after Penn making me wait that long, I came across becoming in love with the school I sent my deposit to (carnegie mellon)and realised that CMU > Penn in most aspects of my college life – aspects that I find important, maybe not to the general public, such as major, department (engineering), job prospects, flexibility in course work and departments, etc… and so I’ll be attending CMU in the fall.

I havent told many people of my acceptnace to Penn but to the ones I have, they told me I was crazy for rejecting an ivy. But what is more important to me is the FIT of the college relative to the student and I just feel that CMU is the better fit for me.

Good luck for everyone that’s applying to Penn or any other ivy for Fall 08!

Neither rejected, nor accepted

I was so surprised when I read that I was put on the WAITING LIST (Penn).
I mean, I thought I was a definete reject!!
I’m putting down my name for the waiting list :)

Change of mind.

Initially, I did not want to attend ANY of the ivy leagues because I just didn’t like them. Reluctantly, I put one on my list of colleges because… well i don’t really know.

I talked to my friend at Princeton and I asked him about Penn (the school on my list). He told me lots of great stories about Penn (because he goes there all the time for basketball games and what not) and now I loove penn!
My dream Ivyleague was Princeton and the more I’ve found about it, the more un-dreamy it became.

I’ve applied to Penn in december and the essay I wrote for Why Penn is by far, the best college essay I’ve written. I hope I hope I hope I get in – I’m their below-average applicant in regards to stats and ECs but I hope they see something in me!

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