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Free Food

I’ve always one to eat off a nearby apple tree, or whatever, but I really wanna get into discovering all the wild edibles. Today I walked around town and found like 6-7 different walnut trees, and got together like 15 lbs of walnuts. I shelled every one of the things too, took most of the day (I was cracking the shells between my two hands). I ended up giving away a significant portion, as I had way more than I would be eating in the next week or so, which felt nice.

Also, although I haven’t been too good to eat some ground-scored food, or something I saw in the top of a garbage can, I’ve recently had my first real dumpster-diving expeditions. I went with my friend when he went to do it, and I’ve been doing it since. I’ve eaten reclaimed food plenty of times in the past, but I’ve never been the one that actually reclaimed it. So often nothing is wrong with the food, it’s not even to the expiration date. It makes me really wonder why it gets thrown out.

A lot of people think this is way gross, but I don’t suppose I’m trying to impress anyone. It really just seems to be a practical way to keep good food out of the dump, and in some hungry person’s stomach. The underground organization Food Not Bombs does quite a bit of dumpster diving to provide meals for the homeless, for example.

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