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How to watch the whole naruto series without sacrificing a lot of time

OK learn by example. a short history of how i watched (even read) all the naruto very fast.

i had this crazy naruto mania back in 2003 and I watched like 20 episodes a day (i am not jk!) during the week or so my friend came over with her laptop full of naruto episodes… my first exposure, you know. so for the first time i was getting all sick just watching naruto or on forums, etc. no eating, no sleeping, no talking, no school since it was summer vacation… once i caught up all the way to the current episode (took a very short time), i recovered a little (haha) because i had to wait every week. so i would check every few months instead of every week, to be more time efficient. if you sit and download (although now theres youtube) every single week, its such a commitment because you need to forum and maintain to fashionable methods, etc. but you should instead do it every few months or so. take a week or so to shut down from having a life and just watch naruto like crazy until you reach the current episode. very satisfying compared to a measly small episode or chapter, and also you are allowed to do something besides maintain a naruto topsite. its like a cactus because it only gets rains once a year, so it sucks up a TON of water when it rains… same idea.

then finally the fillers started several months ago, so i am in complete hibernating until they are over. technically no one watched the whole series since it didnt end, plus i didnt download the fillers at all. but i will watch the fillers eventually when i go into another “watch naruto” mode. and since im not watching naruto, i recently stopped reading too. anyway the story basically died for me after the preliminary fights for the chuunin exam… a very long time ago. but still i love naruto in a nostalgic way, because i feel like i was a lot younger when i started. if kishimoto can just pull through the decades-long sasuke arc and make a satisfying conclusion without ending the series (or introducing a ton of new characters with “2010” hairdos), naruto series will be saved from the current dilemma. well anyway, i dont know what else to write since this is my first post here and i havent been online like this is a while…

if you didnt finish… n00b!!!!!11


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