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I’ve have highs and lows just like everyone else. I try to use those lows as oppurtinities for growth so I can become conscious of my destructive behavior. Life is getting better not because any of my cuircumstances have changed, just my state of mind has changed.


I’ve been praying a lot over the past month or so, and it has helped greatly.
I’ve had feelings of inadequacy and incompetence at my last job, even though I have knowledge, experience, and education to back up my qualifications. But, since I’ve been asking for gods help, I see a definitely improvement in my confidence. It is growing by the week.

I pray 2 or more times a day

it has helped me a lot with dealing with everyday life. I notice i am happier, clearer, and don’t worry about things a much.

the praying has slowed down

... since my last entry. But i am trying to stay conscious and pray out loud when i am driving.

I am praying more

I think if i surrender to god and what he wants me to do, i be well on my way to “finding myself.”

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