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Lose 10 pounds

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What to do...

I was doing well for the first month of the plan, but then things sort of trailed off among other life events that came into play. But I had a serious talk with my roommate and we are now committing to each other to work out Mon., Wed, and either Friday or Saturday. By being accountable to those days, I’m hoping that we’ll be more motivated by each other and start seeing more consistent results. Around the food issue-I do pretty well during the week but on the weekends it totally goes out the window. I don’t want to limit myself because ultimately I want to be able to enjoy anything (in moderation of course), but I need to put some parameters on how often that is. ie, we can not eat out every night of the weekend. I’ll let you know how this goes.

About a month and a 1/2

I’ve lost about 3 pounds on the evil scale (the one where my weight is highest) and about 3 inches in the waist (so I’m thinking that means its converting to muscle. That’s not bad, I feel like I’m making small changes that will pay off in the long run, not the immediate, so I’m ok that I haven’t lost 8 pounds yet. I’m not starving and I’m not over exercising. I’ve cut out almost all dessert (except once a week) and I no longer snack during the day. I’m also just making better choices in general. My weekness is french fries, but I only eat those like once a week and I’m not buying the large sizes any more. Small will do…just need a fix.

Feeling comfortable in my skin

I’m still working out pretty regularly. Went to the gym 2 times last week and had several good walks in during the week and this weekend. Back to the gym tonight and I’m noticing that my stomach is starting to flatten out! Yea! AND a good sign: the trousers I bought 2 months ago are suddenly falling down. So I’ve got a new problem…finding a belt. :)

Took a detour

But I’m back on track again. This past weekend my roommates celebrated their dual birthday all weekend long and then of course Sunday ate chili cheese dogs and all kinds of other bad things while rooting for the SeaHawks. So, finally made it to the gym last night, and while I wasn’t so good last week, my waist is 2 inches smaller than when I started back on the 2nd of January. So, I’m back to focus, at least until the SuperBowl in 2 weeks.

Week 3

Is not going as well. I am down another 1/2 inch in the waist, but I’ve yet to get to the gym this week (Mon-Wed). However it is written (In Pen) that I am going tomorrow. I have to, or I’ll be upset. I did want to go yesterday, but ended up waiting on some plans that fell through. bummer. I’m still bringing lunch to work -and I think that makes a huge difference because I’m not buying bad things for me. Also, I’m eating breakfast every day. Haven’t had a dessert since I ate 1/2 a cookie last week. I miss Ice cream.

Week 2

So far still going well. I was down a pound and a 1/2 inch in the waist! I’m starting to get to the point where I’m excited about “gym day.” And I’ve even got my boyfriend to be supportive of my attempt to change my food and exercise habits. More later…

This week

So I hit 3 times at the gym for 45 minutes-80 minutes each time. Combo of cycling and weight training. I’ve only eaten out once this week for lunch and chose “the more healthy option” over what I typically get. I’ve done pretty good at planning good meals for dinner and making sure that I’m getting protein at both lunch and dinner. I’ve also gone on a walk every day this week during my lunch break.

I feel pretty good about where I’m at and even if I’m not losing a lot, I feel healthier. Amazing what a few changes can do!

The start

Here’s what I’m doing:
1. Committing to 2 times/week at the gym-3 preferred.
2. Planning meals in advance
3. Resisting snacks
4. Walking on lunch break at least 20 minutes.

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