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Won this year!

I did FAWM again this year (my second FAWM), and managed to make all 14 songs! It feels great to have done it (and I have a bunch of songs I can now use in other projects).

I like how they leave the FAWM site open in March so you can keep commenting on songs and polishing your songs even more.

The first year I had a few lyrics-only songs, this year I only have one. I hope to be able to add music to the lyrics and create a demo before the FAWM site is taken down. :)

FAWM is over, and it was great

I made 8 songs for FAWM. I didn’t reach the total of 14, but since I’ve never written any songs before in my life, I’m very happy with making it to over the half way point. :)


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