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Eat more fruits and vegetables

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Yay for bags o' salad!

They make this goal much easier. Been doing pretty well with adding small salads to lunch this week; next week I’ll try to add some fruit in at breakfast, too.

Step one

Had sweet potato fries (frozen, baked) rather than Girl Scout cookies when I was feeling peckish last night.

maybe tonight...

I actually just started focusing on this again a couple days before I got the team invite! Great timing.

Latest favorite recipe: Boil water, add spaghetti (or fettucine or something else long and stringy). Julienne or peel in strips a couple carrots and a zucchini, toss them in about a minute before the pasta’s done. Drain and top with pesto. Mmmmmm…pesto!

Got the veggies in the fridge, just need a night where I have time to boil water…


obviously counts. I’ll have no problem in the next couple weeks.

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