jenuinely_jen in West Monroe is doing 28 things including…

eat no fast food for one month


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jenuinely_jen has written 2 entries about this goal


I ate McDonald’s tonight, out of pure laziness. I didn’t want to re-clean the kitchen after dinner. :( I guess tomorrow restarts the month. I had 5 days down, too. I know that sounds terrible… But we are fast food nazis. :( I hate it.

Day #3

So I almost got a soda and some fast food today. I went grocery shopping and the kids wanted something to eat. Well there’s a fast food place in the store. I did fight the urge to do the easy thing, and came home and we ate PB + Honey + Bananas with Soy Milk instead. Felt GREAT!!! :) I hope one day this will be automatic without thought…. Fast food is so disgusting.


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