jessycanikole in Southern California is doing 28 things including…

Read my Bible more

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is it just me, or when you decide to read your bible and actually study you find EVERY reason in the world not to…

*dog is barking
*fall back asleep
*your tv show is on
*start thinking about other things you need to do
*laundry needs to be washed
*your hungry
*phone rings
*just to lazy/don’t want to

52 Week Reading Plan

ok so i am 4 weeks in and i got 3 other people to do this with me.

so, not only am i reading the bible, but i have 3 friends encouraging me to endure and press in. it’s awesome to have a support system.

52 week?!

i found this site that has a study plan so that you can read the bible from front to back in 52 weeks. it looks awesome cause they break it down for you by topics:

the law

although i highly doubt it will take me 52 weeks to finish.


i think i need a devotional or something..
it’s just way to hard to dive in…
i don’t even know where to start..

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I want to:
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