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Wednesday night

I went to bed at 10:30 and was still awake (talking, kids up and down the stairs, etc) at 11:10pm but I drifted off somehow and woke naturally at 6:30am but I felt hungover so I drank some water and went back to bed. No, I had not been drinking the night before! I finally dragged myself out of bed at about 8:15am.

Tonight I should sleep really well, I’ve done lots of housework (vacuuming especially) and changed the bed linens in all three bedrooms – that, coupled with lovely clean sheets, should add up to a much better night’s sleep. Perhaps I will have a cool bath before I go to sleep. Last night was far too hot for my liking and I awoke to sheets that smelled bad and felt sweaty :(

past two nights

OK so monday night I slept from 11pm till 7:30am which was good, but was incredibly tired and low on energy all day. I think our trip is still having an effect on me.
Last night I got to bed by 11:35pm and this morning I was unable to drag myself out of bed until 8am, I think I see a pattern.

Anyway I am feeling a bit better now, hoping to get an early night and early rise tomorrow morning!

Now I am back from my weekend in London

I really have got to sort this out for my own health.
Before I went away I was having a green smoothie once a day, in effort to get back to a high raw lifestyle. While away I ate junk (well, in restaurants etc) and lots of cola and didn’t help matters by having late nights and expecting to be able to still get up at 7am, so my body took a battering.

So last night I went to bed at 1am and up at 8:30am this morning, not sooo bad – almost my 8 hours sleep, but tonight I plan to be in bed before 11pm – hopefully earlier, like 10 or 10:30.

Really doing badly at this

I’ve been having late nights, having trouble in the mornings getting up, usually around 9am but then it is the school holidays. I must get on top of this, as they return to school on Monday.
When I get up I am really tired to the point of not feeling up to doing anything much. Then at night I get a second wind and go around the house tidying up! I would like to get this sorted out!

I'm off now *yawn*

10:43pm – should have lights out by 11:00 hopefully if I don’t read! and up by 7:30

Off to bed now...

I should get my 8 hours sleep tonight!

Just realised this sounds like I haven’t slept for months since my last post lol :)

I need to be more strict with myself

It’s difficult with the holidays, sometimes we just want to stay up late and make the most of it, plus I have been having more alcohol than usual, not a good mix – less sleep and more alcohol.

The raw lifestyle went by the wayside but I hope to pick it up again in the new year. Hopefully I will sleep more, earlier nights and earlier mornings, and feel all the more healthy for it!

I need this so much!

I am naughty, I need minimum 8 hours sleep at the moment, but currently I am constantly catching up on previous lost sleep.

I rarely wake naturally, I want to return to that – hopefully the raw lifestyle will help.

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