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jimrin in Texas is doing 34 things including…

become more organized

184 cheers


jimrin has written 18 entries about this goal

One thing at a time

One thing I’ve learned is that I really can do only one thing at a time. This has been evident these past few months. I would say that it’s mainly been work which has been getting in the way, but lots of other high priority items, like getting presents ready, trying to get all of my data backed up, trying to get all my data and media organized, getting the rental condos (both my mom’s and mine) ready for a new tenant, and so forth. One thing which has typically suffered in the past is my health as exercising has tended to get low priority. Thus the frequency of exercising went down but has gone up again these last 3 weeks.

While things are still busy, I am hoping I will be able to squeeze time in for 43T again.

One thing which is also evident is that while to do lists help make sure I don’t forget anything, they don’t really help in productivity. Something which schedules out my day, like Zime, but I found its interface a little too cumbersome to use, and thus, non-productive. I am sure they have made improvements since their original release, so perhaps I ought to give it a try again.

OK, so now looks like I need to gather 1,000 cheers to pay back for all the cheers I received in my “absence”. (OK, I may not have received 1,000 cheers in the meantime but those who were still giving me cheers deserve being paid back many times over. Thanks!)

In addition to organizing my media

I need to organize all my files. But first, I want to make sure I have them all backed up (to Bitcasa).

-Seagate FreeAgent (Gray)-2013-11-30
--Documents-Archived Backup2013-12-12
--Documents-DVDFab Passkey2013-12-14
--Documents-My Google Gadgets2013-12-14
--Documents-My Maps2013-12-14
--Documents-My Received Files2013-12-14
--Documents-Remote Assistance Logs2013-12-17
--Documents-Scanned Documents2013-12-17
--Documents-ULead DVD Movie Factory2013-12-19
-Archive Video-2013-12-01
-Download Archive-2013-12-02
-K Archive->2013-12-07
-K NetVista-2013-12-08
-K First ThinkPad-2013-12-09
-Media PC-2013-12-09
-My Music-2013-12-10
-Save ThinkPad560-2013-12-10
-Temp WorkPad-2013-12-10
Directories to copy:
  • C -> H
  • H -> Bitcasa-Backup
  • FreeAgent Pro temp -> Bitcasa-Deleted

If I'm really going to get organized, that means organizing my media...

And to organize the TV shows I’ve recorded, I need to have an episode guide so I know what episode number to assign to the show.

General order for moving files:
Step TargetDone
Golf swing videosGolfSwing
Historical dramasTVJapan
Japanese moviesMoviesJapan
Golf tournamentsTVGolf
Golf instructionGolfVideos
TVShows TVShowsDeleted
Temp MoviesMoviesDeleted
Japanese TV showsTVJapan
Not sure if the following was a special or TV series:
  • くらしと経済 ”相続について考えたことがありますか”
  • 脳がぐんぐん若返るスペシャル!

TV Japan

TV Series Japanese titleFromReferenceComments
Ama-chanあまちゃんTVJUploaded #1 to #156 (Last), missing #6, 52, 53
Morning MarketあさイチTVJ06.10, 06.15, 06.19, 06.25, 06.30, 07.01, 07.02, 07.05, 07.06, 07.07, 07.08, 07.09, 07.12, 07.13, 07.15, 07.16, 07.19, 07.20, 07.26, 07.27, 07.28, 07.29, 07.30, 08.03, 08.05, 08.06, 08.25, 08.26, 08.27, 08.30, 08.31, 09.01, 09.02, 09.03, Uploaded 2010: 06.11, 06.14
Morning MarketあさイチTVJUploaded 2011: 10.14
Morning MarketあさイチTVJ01.04, 01.11, 01.17, 01.24, 02.14, 02.17, 02.22, 03.02, 03.07, 03.09, 03.13, 03.22, 11.14, Uploaded 2012: 01.06, 02.15, 04.09, 11.02, 11.13, 11.20, 12.05
Morning MarketあさイチTVJ01.31, 02.01, Uploaded 2013: 05.20-ongoing (missing 05.30, 05.31)
Morning MarketあさイチTVUploaded 2011: 10.14 and 2012:04.09
The Moment History Changedその時歴史が動いたTVJwikipediageocitiesUploaded S6E21, S7E18, S7E25, S7E31, S7E32, S8E00?, S8E02, S8E09, S8E14, S8E15, S8E32, S8E34, S8E35, S8E37, S8E39, S9E00?,S9E01, S9E03, S9E04, S9E05, S9E07, S9E08, S9E12, S9E13, Currently on S201 (?), S6E21, and SE901 are showing up in XBMC.
History at Hand知るを楽しむ 歴史に好奇心TVJwikipediagekkounifty (need to use shift-JIS for encoding) nhk-bookUploaded S3 January #1, 3, March #3, 4, October #1, 3)
Science for EveryoneためしてガッテンTVJdigiwebUploaded S6E15 (heat stroke)
Project XTVJ
America Heartland and Soulアメリカ. 魂のふるさとTVJlalaMissing #7, 17, 38, 39
Mitokomon水戸黄門TVJtbsS37: #1 (2010-04-07) to #19 (2010-08-11), missing #20 to #23, S42: #5, 10, 15 (2011-11-02), 17-21 (2011-12-14)
NHK Red and White Year-End Song Festival (TVJ)NHK紅白歌合戦TVJUploaded 2007, 2011, 2012
NHK Song Concert (TVJ)NHK歌謡コンサートTVJnhkUploaded S18 2008.01.22, 01.29, 02.05, 02.19, 02.26, 03.04, 03.11, 03.18, 04.01, 04.08, 04.22, 05.13, 05.20, 05.27, 06.03, 06.10, 06.17, 06.24, 09.09, 09.23, 09.30, 10.07, 10.14, 10.21, 10.28, 11.04, S19 2009.06.30, 07.07, 07.14, 07.28, 08.04, 08.25, 09.01
NHK Song Concert up to 2013-07-30NHK歌謡コンサートTVJnhkUploaded S20E02, S20E03, S20E04, S20E05, S20E06, S20E07, S20E08, S20E09
Begin Japanology-Arch
Fashionable Living-Arch
Fun & Fashionable Home Handicrafts-Arch
Jewel in the Palace-Arch
Music Japanology Special-Arch
NHK Song Concert-Arch
Out & About-Arch
Science for Everyone-Arch
Summer for Bureaucrats-Arch
The Secret Lives of Geishas-Arch
Time Limit Investigator 1/2-Arch
Traditional Japan Mini-Arch
Yoshigatsu Tokugawa-Arch
Japonica Logos-TVJ
Emergency Room 24 Hours救命病棟24時TVJd-addictsAZNTV #1 2005-05-15 to #11 (Last) 2005-xx-xx, missing part of #5 2005-06-05
Emergency Room 24 Hours救命病棟24時 (Season 5)TVJd-addictsTVJ #1 2013-07-25 to #10 (Last) 2013-09-26, missing #3 2013-08-08
101st Marriage Proposal101回目のプロポーズTVJd-addictsAZNTV #4 2006-10-08 to #12 (Last) 2006-11-05
Nodame Cantabile -> DeletedのだめカンタービレTVJd-addictsAZNTV #4 2006-11-12
Dr. Coto’s ClinicDr.コトー診療所TVJd-addictsAZNTV #2 2006-11-12 to #4 2006-11-26
Liar Game ライアーゲームTVJd-addictsAZNTV #8 2007-06-24 to #11 (Last) 2007-10-07, missing #1 – 7, 11 part 2
Liar Game ライアーゲームThinkPadd-addicts#11 split into 2 parts, second part named as #12, moved to DEL, new copy is not split
Watashitachi no Kyokashoわたしたちの教科書TVJd-addictsAZNTV #11 2007-07-08 to #12 (Last) 2007-08-19
Yama Onna Kabe Onna山おんな壁おんなTVJd-addictsAZNTV #1 2007-07-29, #4 2007-08-19 to #12 (Last) 2007-10-14
First Kissファースト・キスTVJd-addictsAZNTV #1 2007-07-29 to #11 (Last) 2007-10-07, missing #2, 3, 5, 6
Barefoot Gen はだしのゲンTVJdigiweb#1(?) 2007-10-14, Missing part of #1? and 2
Abarenbo Mama暴れん坊ママTVJ -> TVJapand-addictsAZNTV #2 2007-11-11 to #10 (Last) 2008-01-06
Iryu Team Medical Dragon医龍 – Team Medical DragonTVJd-addictsAZNTV #3 2007-11-11 to #11 (Last) 2008-01-06
GalileoガリレオTVJd-addictsS1: AZNTV #1 2007-01-13 to #9 2007-01-27, missing #10 (Last), S2: TVJ #8 – 11
LifeライフTVJd-addictsAZNTV 2008-02-10 to #10 2008-04-06, missing #11
Shikaotoko Aoniyoshi鹿男あをによしTVJ -> TVJapand-addictsANZTV #2 2008-02-10 to #10 (Last) 2008-04-06
Deka Kizoku刑事貴族TVJd-addictswikipedia #323
Lt. Ninzaburo Furuhata古畑任三郎TVJd-wiki Episode 40, 41, 42 (Special #6, 7, 8)
Haru, Natsu, and the Undelivered LetterハルとナツTVJd-addictsTVJ #2 2005-12-27 to #5 (Last) 2005-12-30
The Street Lawyers繋がれた明日TVJd-addictsTVJ S1#1 2006-04-11 to #6 (Last) 2006-05-16, S2#1 2007-07-03 to #6 (Last) 2007-08-07
Tomorrow in Chains繋がれた明日TVJd-addictsTVJ #2 2006-03-14 to #4 (Last) 2006-03-28
Kuitan喰いタンTVJd-addictsTVJ #1 2007-04-21 to #9 (Last) 2007-06-16, Missing #6
Seven Female Lawyers7人の女弁護士TVJd-addictsTVJ #8 2007-06-06
KurosagiクロサギTVJd-addictsTVJ #6 2007-08-18 to #11 (Last) 2007-09-22, Missing #8
Crossing of Heat Haze陽炎の辻TVJd-addictsTVJ S1#1 2007-07-20 to #11 (Last) 2007-10-12, missing #3, S2#1 2008-09-08 to #12 (Last) 2008-11-24
GokusenごくせんTVJd-addictsTVJ #1 #9 2006-03-08 to #12 (Last) 2006-03-29, and special. Beginning of special has 日本語歳時記・大希林
Nyokei Kazoku女系家族TVJd-addictsTVJ #9 2007-09-09 to #11 (Last) 2007-09-23
Freezing Point氷点TVJd-addictsTVJ #1 2007-12-01 to #4 (Last) 2007-12-22
Seven Female Lawyers7人の女弁護士TVJd-addictsTVJ #8 2007-06-06
Kaikidaisakusen Second File怪奇大作戦TVJd-addictsTVJ #1 2007-12-25 to #3 (Last) 2007-12-27
Otokomaeオトコマエ!TVJd-addicts!TVJ #1 2008-04-14 to #3 2008-04-28, Missing through #13 (Last)
Rinjo臨場TVJd-addictslivedoorTVJ #10 2011-12-12 to #11 (Last) 2011-12-19
Clouds Over The Hill坂の上の雲TVJd-addictsTVJ #6 2010-12-05 to #9 2011-01-01, Missing up to #13
GonzoゴンゾウTVJd-addictsTVJ #1-3, #4 2009-05-09 to #10 (Last) 2009-06-20
KiinaキイナTVJd-addictsTVJ #3 2009-08-08 to #7 2009-09-05, Missing through #9 (Last)
MattsuguまっつぐTVJd-addictsnhkTVJ #3-8, #9 2010-07-05 to #13 (Last) 2010-08-16, Missing #4
Shinzanmono新参者TVJ -> TVJapand-addictsTVJ #1 2011-04-16 to #10 (Last) 2011-06-18
A Tree in the Sun陽だまりの樹TVJasianwiki TVJ #1 2012-04-10 to #12 (Last) 2012-06-26
Summer for BureaucratsTVJ
The Pride of the TempTVJ
In Chorus of Cicadas蝉しぐれTVJd-wiki
Kamisama no Nyobo神様の女房d-wiki
Post-War History Testimony Project: What Have Japanese People Aimed For?戦後史証言プロジェクト 日本人は何を考えてきたのかBedroom/Guest ReplayTV
Onmitsu Happyaku Yachou隠密八百八町 TVJ d-addictsMissing #1-4
Drunken Kotoji (Yoidore Kotoji)酔いどれ小籐次 TVJ d-addictsMissing #1-5
Ooka Echizen大岡越前TVJja wikipedia)#2 2014-02-11 to #11 (Last) 2014-02-15
Atsuhime (2008)-TVJ
Furin kazan (2007)-TVJ-Missing #13, 38, 39, 40, 45
Gou (2011)-TVJ-
Kyomo ga tsuji (2006)-TVJ-Missing #1, 30, 35
Ryomaden (2010)-TVJ-
Shinsengumi! (2004)-TVJ-Plus special 2006-01-03, Missing #12, 26
Taira no Kiyomori (2012)-TVJ-Missing #2
Tenchijin (2009)-TVJ-Missing #1-8
Yoshitsune (2005)-TVJ-Missing #2-6, 40, 42
Yu Yu Hakusho-TVJ
Winter SonataTVJ
Jewel in the PalaceTVJ
TV SeriesFromToSyncPrepBit casaChkdMovedDelSub
Morning Market 2010TVJTVJn/an/a
Morning Market 2012ArchiveTVJn/a---
Morning Market (ongoing through 2013.11.29)PCTVJn/a2013-11-292013-10-23n/a-
The Moment History ChangedTVJTVJ---
History at HandTVJTVJ
Science for EveryoneTVJTVJ-----
America Heartland and SoulTVJTVJ
Summer for BureaucratsTVJTVJ------
The Pride of the TempTVJTVJ------
Jewel in the PalaceTVJTVJ------
Winter SonataTVJTVJ------
NHK Song ConcertTVJTVJ--
NHK Song Concert (ongoing)TVJTVJ2013-07-31--
NHK Red and White Year-End Song FestivalTVJTVJ--2013-09-24---
Japonica LogosTVJDeln/a2013-08-022013-08-07
Emergency Room 24 HoursTVJTVJ
101st Marriage ProposalTVJTVJ
Nodame CantabileTVJDel
Dr. Coto’s ClinicTVJDel-
Watashitachi no KyokashoTVJDel
Liar GameTVJDel
Liar GameThinkPadTVJ
Yama Onna Kabe OnnaTVJTVJ
First KissTVJDel
Barefoot GenTVJDeln/an/a
Abarenbo MamaTVJTVJ
Iryu Team Medical DragonTVJTVJ
Shikaotoko AoniyoshiTVJTVJ
Edo o KiruTVJTVJ
Deka KizokuTVJTVJ
Crossing of Heat HazeTVJTVJ
Nyokei KazokuTVJTVJ
Onmitsu Happyaku YachouTVJTVJ
Haru, Natsu, and the Undelivered LetterTVJTVJ
The Street LawyersTVJTVJ
Tomorrow in ChainsTVJTVJ
Seven Female LawyersTVJTVJ-----
Ando NatsuTVJTVJ
A Tree in the SunTVJTVJ
My Wife is NinjaTVJTVJ
In Chorus of CicadasPCTVJ2013-08-152013-08-26-
Kamisama no NyoboMom’s PCTVJ-2013-10-032013-10-12--
Post-War History Testimony Project: What have Japanese People Aimed For?PCTVJ-2013-08-312013-08-31--
Drunken KotojiTVJTVJ---
Furin kazanTVJTVJ
Kyomo ga tsujiTVJTVJ
Taira no KiyomoriTVJTVJ
Yae’s Sakura up to #31TVJTVJ2013-10-162013-10-17--

Also, does not support sports events to be registered in their DB, leaving a gap how recorded sports events can be cataloged in XBMC. This is a thread which brought up this topic and in the recent release of XBMC, they support custom “nodes”. The discussion starts here and refers to the XBMC wiki here.

List of TV shows to be uploaded:
  • Science for Everyone
  • The Moment History Changed
  • History at Hand
  • Japanese movies
  • Golf tournaments
  • Recorded golf swings
  • Home videos
  • Recorded TV shows
Steps for ensuring all shows are uploaded:
  1. Rename source to match uploaded source, copy to own subdirectory
  2. Copy files over again or use SyncToy

In general, process for moving files to Bitcasa.

  1. If there is a local drive with data and network storage drive with data, get them in sync:
    1. Run SyncToy to get them in sync.
    2. Use DVArchive to rename as necessary.
    3. Run SyncToy again to get them in sync.
  2. Copy to Bitcasa drive
  3. If temporary, can remove files from both local drive and network storage drive.

RecordingFromToSyncPrepBit casaChkdMovedDel
Elvis (for my mom)TVMov--
Oyari HaishakuTVJMovJ--
Liar Game: The Final StageTVJDel2013-08-062013-08-06--
Liar Game: The Final StageTVJMovJ2013-08-102013-08-11--
Liar Game: RebornTVJMovJ2013-08-102013-08-11--
Kokoyakyu: High School BaseballThinkPadMovJ-2013-08-11---
The Farthest Galaxy (最も遠い銀河)-MovJ2013-09-082013-09-10--
Kokuhaku (2010)-MovJ2013-09-092013-09-10--
The Wings of the Kirin (麒麟の翼 〜劇場版・新参者〜)TVJMovJ2013-10-04---
Zatoichi the Fugitive (1963)TVJMovJ2013-10-20---
Zatoichi and the Chest of Gold (1964)TVJMovJ2013-10-20---
Zatoichi’s Revenge (1965)TVJMovJ2013-10-20---
Zatoichi and the Chess Expert (1965)TVJMovJ2013-10-20---
Zatoichi’s Vengeance (1966)TVJMovJ2013-10-20---
Zatoichi’s Cane Sword (1967)TVJMovJ2013-10-20---
Zatoichi and the Fugitives (1968)TVJMovJ2013-10-20---
Samaritan Zatoichi (1968)TVJMovJ2013-10-20---
Zatoichi (1989)TVJMovJ2013-10-20---
Zatoichi ChallengedTVJMovJ--
Seichi Matsumoto Drama Special: KaoTVJMovJ-2013-10-202013-10-20--
Hayabusa: The Long Voyage HomePCMovJ---
Movies to find more info:
  • Revenge of a Kabuki Actor (2008) – 雪之丞変化

List of recordings I had to adjust for the movie/TV scraper to find the right one:

Original title New titleUploaded
Pauline et PaulettePauline – Paulette
Babettes gæstebudBabettes Feast
Freaky Friday (1977)Freaky Friday (1976)
Good Will Hunting_1Good Will Hunting
Heaven – EarthHeaven – Earth (1990)
Love and HonorLove and Honor (2007)
List of recordings not found:
  • A Guide for the Married Woman

TV Shows
RecordingFromToSyncPrepBit casaChkdMovedDel
Accidentally on PurposeTVDel--2013-08-122013-08-13n/a
Gary UnmarriedTVDel--2013-08-152013-08-16n/a
Hotel BabylonTVDel--2013-08-152013-08-16n/a
Mad MenTVDel--2013-08-162013-08-24--
Samantha WhoTVDel--2013-08-162013-08-24--
Sons of AnarchyTVDel--2013-08-172013-08-24--
VariousTerastation Archives Recovered Data Recover Del------
VariousTerastation Archives Recovered Data Recover2 Del--2013-08-252013-08-27--

Golf Swing
RecordingFromToSyncPrepBit casaChkdMovedDel
Mom – Florida and Illinois 1990sTVGGolS-n/a---
Mom – Illinois 1990sTVGGlfS-n/a---
Mom – 2004-05-03TVGGlfS-n/a---
Mom – 2004-05-06TVGGlfS-n/a---
Mom – 2004-10-05TVGGlfS-n/a---
Mom – 2004TVGGlfS-n/a---
Mom – 2005-05-03TVGGlfS-n/a---
Mom – 2005-10TVGGlfS-n/a---
Mom – 2006-12-10TVGGlfS-n/a---
Mom – 2006-12-10 wmvTVGGlfS-n/a----
Mom – 2007-11-28TVGGlfS-n/a----
Mom – 2007-12-01TVGGlfS-n/a---
Mom – 2007-12-01 wmvTVGGlfS-n/a---
Mom – 2007-12-02TVGGlfS-n/a---
Mom – 2007-12-08TVGGlfS-n/a---
Mom – 2007-12-08 wmvTVGGlfS-n/a---
Mom – 2008-08-01TVGGlfS-n/a---
Mom – 2008-08-01 @ LTVGGlfS-n/a---
Mom – 2008-08-01 wmvTVGGlfS-n/a---
Mom – 2008-08-07 @ PB-PTVGGlfS-n/a---
Mom – 2008-08-08TVGGlfS-n/a---
Mom – 2010-05-08TVGGlfS-n/a---
Mom – 2010-10-09TVGGlfS-n/a---
Mom – 2010-10-10TVGGlfS-n/a---
Mom – 2010-10-18TVGGlfS-n/a---
Mom – 2011-05-06TVGGlfS-n/a---
Mom – 2013-05-18TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2004-09-24TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2004-09-27TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2004-09-28TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2004-09-29TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2004-09-30TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2004-10-05 Part 1TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2004-10-05 Part 2TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2004-10-06TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2004-10-07 @ GrapevineTVGGlfS-n/a----
O – 2004-10-08TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2004-10-09TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2004-10-10 @ LakeParkTVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2004-10-10TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2004-10-11TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2004-10-12TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2004-10-13TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2004-10-14TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2004-10-15TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2004-10-16TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2004-10-17TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2004-10-18TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2004-10-19TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2004-10-20TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2004-10-21TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2004-10-23TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2004-10-26TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2009-09-25TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2009-09-26TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2009-09-25TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2009-09-26TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2009-09-27TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2009-09-28TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2009-09-29TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2009-09-30TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2009-10-01TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2009-10-02TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2009-10-03TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2009-10-05TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2009-10-07TVGGlfS-n/a---
O – 2009-10-08TVGGlfS-n/a----
O – 2009-10-11TVGGlfS-n/a----
O – 2009-10-12TVGGlfS-n/a----
O – 2009-10-14TVGGlfS-n/a----
O – 2009-10-15TVGGlfS-n/a----
O – 2009-10-18TVGGlfS-n/a----
Matsu – 2005-05-27TVGGlfS-n/a----
Michael – 2005-05-20TVGGlfS-n/a----
Jim – 1992-02-29TVGGlfS-n/a----
Jim – 1992-05-10TVGGlfS-n/a----
Jim – 2004-10-31TVGGlfS-n/a----
Jim – ? x4TVGGlfS-n/a----

Golf Instruction (TV shows, specials or videos)
RecordingFromToSyncPrepBit casaChkdMovedDel
Nice Shot!TVGGlfI-n/a--
Martin Hall on TGC pt 1 and pt 2PCGlfI-n/a--
School of GolfPCTVS2013-08-052013-08-06
Annika on the RangeTVGGlfIn/a2013-08-082013-08-08--
Annika Swings for the KidsTVGGlfIn/a2013-08-082013-08-08--

TV Golf
RecordingFromToSyncPrepBit casaChkdMovedDel
2012 CME Group Titleholders – Rounds 2, 3, 4-TVG--2013-10-112013-10-11--
2012 US Women’s Open – Rounds 1, 2-TVG--2013-10-27---
2013 46th Japan Women-s Open Golf Tournament – Round 4TVGTVG--2013-10-112013-10-11--
2013 Kraft Nabisco Championship – Rounds 1, 2, 3?TVGn/an/a--
2013 Women’s British Open – Rounds 2, 3, 4 (2 parts)PCTVGn/an/a2013-08-042013-08-05--
2013 Women’s Canadian Open – Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4PCTVG-n/a2013-08-302013-08-31n/a
2013 Safeway Classic – Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4PCTVG-n/a2013-09-092013-09-10n/a
2013 Evian Masters – Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4 (2 parts)PCTVG-n/a2013-09-202013-09-21n/a
2013 Women’s US Open – Round 4-TVG--2013-10-112013-10-11--
2013 Reignwood LPGA Classic – Round 4-TVG--2013-10-112013-10-11--
2013 KEB HanaBank Championship – Round 4-TVG--2013-11-062013-11-30--
2013 Sunrise LPGA Taiwan Championship – Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4-TVG--2013-11-062013-11-30--
2013 CME Group Titleholders – Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4-TVG--2013-11-302013-11-30--
2005 Masters – Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4TVGTVG----
2005 US Open – Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4TVGTVG----
2005 British Open – Rounds 3, 4TVGTVG----
2005 President’s Cup – Days 2, 3, 4TVGTVG----
2006 US Open – Round 4TVGTVG----
2007 US Open – Round 4TVGTVG----
2007 British Open – Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4TVGTVG----
2008 Masters – Rounds 1, 3TVGTVG----
2008 US Open – Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4, PlayoffTVGTVG----
2008 British Open – Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4TVGTVG----
2008 PGA Championship – Round 4TVGTVG----
2008 Ryder Cup – Day 3 (Singles)TVGTVG----
2009 Sony Hawaii Open – Round 4TVGTVG----
2009 Northern Telecom Open – Round 2TVGTVG----
2009 Arnold Palmer Invitational – Round 4TVGTVG----
2009 Quail Hollow Invitational – Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4TVGTVG----
2009 Players Championship – Rounds 2, 3, 4TVGTVG----
2009 US Open – Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4TVGTVG----
2009 ATT National – Rounds 2, 3, 4TVGTVG----
2009 British Open – Rounds 1, 2TVGTVG----
2009 WGC Bridgestone – Rounds 3, 4TVGTVG----
2009 PGA Championship – Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4TVGTVG----
2009 Tour Championship – Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4TVGTVG----
2009 President’s Cup – Days 1, 2, 3, 4TVGTVG----
2009 HSBC Champions – Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4TVGTVG----
2009 Japan Open – Round 4TVGTVG----
2010 US Open – Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4TVGTVG----
2010 British Open – Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4TVGTVG----
2010 PGA Championship – Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4TVGTVG----
2010 Ryders Cup – Days 1, 2, 3TVGTVG----
2010 HSBC Champions – Round 3TVGTVG----
2011 Farmers Insurance – Rounds 1, 2, 3TVGTVGn/an/an/a
2011 The Players Championship – Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4?TVGn/an/a--
2011 WGC Bridgestone Invitational – Rounds 2, 3, 4TVGTVGn/an/an/a
2011 President’s Cup – Days 1, 2, 3, 4TVGTVGn/a----
2011 PGA Championship – Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4TVGTVG2013-08-062013-08-10n/a
2013 Arnold Palmer Invitational – Round 4 (2 parts)TVGTVGn/an/an/a
2013 Masters – Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4TVGTVGn/an/a
2013 The Open Championship – Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4PCTVGn/an/a2013-08-042013-08-05n/a
2013 The Players Championship – Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4TVGTVGn/an/an/a
2013 US Open – Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4PCTVGn/an/a2013-08-072013-08-08n/a
2013 WGC Bridgestone Invitational – Rounds 2, 3, 4PCTVGn/an/a2013-08-052013-08-06n/a
2013 WGC Cadillac Championship – Rounds 3, 4TVGTVGn/an/an/a
2013 PGA Championship – Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4TVGTVG-n/a2013-08-172013-08-24n/a
2013 The Barclays – Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4PCTVG-n/a2013-08-302013-08-31n/a
2013 Deutsche Bank Championship – Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4PCTVG-n/a2013-09-092013-09-10n/a
2013 BMW Championship – Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4 (2 parts)PCTVG-n/a2013-10-272013-09-21n/a
2013 Tour Championship – Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4PCTVG-n/a2013-10-02-n/a-
2013 President’s Cup – Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4PCTVG-n/a2013-10-122013-10-12n/a-

Home movies
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Christmas lights 2010 (part 1 and 2)EventsHomen/an/a--
Glen Rose 2009EventsHomen/an/a--
2009 Japanese FestivalEventsHomen/an/a--

RecordingFromToSyncPrepBit casaChkdMovedDel
XXVIII Summer Olympics – Opening CeremoniesTVGSpc-n/a2013-08-042013-08-05n/a-
XXIX Summer Olympics – Opening Ceremony HighlightsTVSpcn/an/a
XX Olympic Winter Games – Figure Skating- Freestyle Skiing- Snowboarding (pt 1 and 2)TVSpcn/a2013-08-042013-08-05n/a
The Missing Years of JesusTVSpcn/an/a
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu The WorldTVJSpcn/a--
(2009) Presidential InaugurationTVSpcn/a--

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World Sl Travelogue – Grapevine TrainTVJTrvn/a--

One of the reasons to become more organized

is so I can be more productive.

Another way to become more productive is to treat your life like a game.

This article from Lifehacker suggests you can assign points to various tasks, and your goal is to get rewards from your accumulated points. As the author says, it’s not for everyone, and likely not for me, but it is an interesting concept.


Similarly, HabitRPG is a website which tracks your habits where you can build or lose points, similar to a role playing game. You can find an intro at

How quickly we forget...

and by “we”, I mean “me”.

It seemed only last year, oh, it was last year, that I realized I needed to put my to do’s in a linear list. OK, forget about the part I said about linear lists are not a good way to capture information. That part is still true. However, when I need to do something, then I need to have a priority and sequence in which to do them.

While I’ve enjoyed (relatively speaking) using Any.DO because it allowed me to keep my to do’s close to me with my phone but also provided the convenience of maintaining them on my computer, I found that tools like Any.DO and MindMeister help me keep track of things, but don’t help me get things done.

Well, you could say nothing can help me get things done except myself… but I’m looking for any help… even a little.

That’s when I ran across by chance a calendar tool called Zime where you schedule your time. They say:

Stop listing tasks… Plan your time!

Of course, planning your time is what all calendar tools do, but this one allows you to define tasks and it will automatically assign the time to do those tasks. Thus, you need to define and prioritize your tasks in like I had previously concluded. If you do not complete your tasks on time, it will automatically adjust your calendar.

Previously, I would try to list the things I wanted to get done in the day, and highlight the ones which were more important. In the end, I had so many things to do, it was difficult to get motivated to do them or even just get started.

With Zime, I only need to focus on the one which it says I need to do. And since my day is planned out, I have motivation to get things done ahead of time… so then I have some extra “free” time!

Warning: It is beta, so there may have a way to go before it can be refined. However, in just a couple of days use, I’m seeing the benefits.

I've never thought linear lists were a good way of capturing information

but managing non-linear lists was not easy either.

So I’ll continue to use Any.Do to keep track of more concrete to do’s, and I’ll use a MindMap to capture more general things I want to do at some time in the future, but no concrete timeframe required.

A free account at Mindmeister allows 3 Mindmaps and also supports an Android app so I can keep track on my phone or on the computer.

As part of being more organized, I need to keep track where I put things...

so I’ll use this entry to keep track…

In the meantime, now where did I put those earphones…?

Soaps from hotelIn bathroom vanity underneath shower caps2013-01-11
Bugle Boy ski capNear Utility Room where I put all my running gear afterwards2013-01-13
Adidas running glovesNear Utility Room where I put all my running gear afterwards2013-01-13

Some things to work on when I have "free" time...
Inventory and organize
  • Possessions
    • Computers, software, gadgets
    • Clothes
    • Golf clubs, accessories
  • Documents/manuals/receipts/correspondence/information/media
    • Hardcopy
    • Softcopy
    • Finances (expenditures, etc)
Besides inventorying, need to organize:
  1. Garage
  2. Media room
  3. Home office
  4. Closet / dressers
Other projects:
  • Home
    • Touch up painting
    • Soap holder in guest bathroom
    • Ice maker
    • Window in guest bedroom
    • Blind in game room
    • Potential leak
    • Rotting wood in garage door frame
  • Yard
    • Trim all bushes around house
    • Check all sprinklers (coverage, leaks)
    • Wiring for Mitsukaze
    • Transplant bushes
    • Brick lawn edging around trees
    • New sidewalk
    • Path to backyard
  • Home media
    • Syncing media between all devices (phone, etc)
    • Syncing media library with mom
    • Restore recorded shows from old Replay drives
  • Home automation
  • Home security
  • Golf simulator
  • Computers
    • Old computers – Determine if they can be repurposed by installing an OS which does not have as much overhead as Windows. Some options are:
  • Phone
    • Determine best way to lock the phone
Work around Mom’s condo:
Rental properties:
  • Dallas condo
    • Thermostat
    • Refinish bathtub / tiles using Rust-Oleum 1 qt. White Tub and Tile Refinishing Kit
    • Redo walls / get rid of popcorn ceiling
  • Mom’s rental condo
  • Expansion of rental properties
Personal growth:
  • Health
  • Self defense
  • Golf
  • Skills
    • Programming
    • Electrical, plumbing, DIY
  • Languages
    • Spanish
    • German
    • Japanese
  • Volunteer
  • Political activism
    • Blog
      • Tumblr?
  • Other sources of income

As far as organizing my digital storage, Amazon offers offline storage for 0.01 cents per GB per month. Let’s say for 12TB (12*1024GB), this is $122.88 per month. To get a 12TB NAS costs about $1000, so it would take 8.13 months to recover the cost of the NAS device for my backup purposes. Note that this offline storage is not for frequent access but more for backup purposes. Thus, this doesn’t quite seem like a good deal. Services like offer $45/year service, but I’d have to see what space limitations they have. Bitcasa (beta) offers infinite storage for $10/mo.

For backing up data, here is the plan:
  • Non-work data: Backup: MediaPC and SkyDrive… or Google Drive?
  • Each year’s archive: Terastation (with RAID as redundant backup)
  • Music: MediaPC and Google Music
  • Pictures/videos: MediaPC and Flickr (?)
    • Note that Flickr likely won’t store non-standard image files like Photoshop files
  • Movies: Linkstation and …?

I'm thinking the structure for My Documents, G-Drive, Downloads, G-mail labels, Bookmarks, scanned documents, pictures should all be identical...
  • A/Assets
    • Health & Insurance
    • Inventory
      • Shopping
        • [Category]
      • Software (downloads)
        • Android
        • Development
        • [Software provider]
      • Manuals
        • [Company]
      • How To
        • [Device]
    • Finance
      • Tax
    • Condo
    • House
    • Mom
      • Condo
      • Tax
  • C/Communication
    • Correspondence
      • Personal
      • Business
      • Work
      • [Person]
    • Confirm
      • Finance
      • Internet
      • Purchase (invoices)
      • Travel
    • Articles
      • Health
      • Politics
  • I/Info
    • Travel (general)
    • [Location]
  • Work

Next: Archiving strategy


I don’t know why it took me so long, but I tried I had been using, but not really actively using it anymore. However, thanks to Pageonce, I found out that Capital One has a credit card which does not charge transaction fees for overseas purchases… Could easily save me over $100 per year.

Anyway, with, it allows you to organize all your transactions, whether by credit card or check. That’s the big difference with Pageonce. The UI for is very smooth so that you can actually get a good overview of your transactions across many accounts, rather than just one account at a time. In addition, you can categorize your transactions.

Now I know how much how much I am spending eating out… or more importantly how much more I should be spending on my beloved tech gadgets…

From what I can tell so far, is exactly what I’m looking for.

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