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Be A Better Storyteller

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The best stories are the ones that make people laugh

I was discussing the Zidane/Materazzi incident with the two newcomers who had joined us to play chess. I told them I thought the most plausable report was that Materazzi grabbed Zidane’s shirt. Zidane jeered at Materazzi saying he could have the shirt after the match. Then Materazzi said “I’d rather take your mother’s shirt off!” That amused everyone. But also one report mentioned that Materazzi’s mother died when he was young. And one of the guy’s jokingly agreed, well if he hasn’t got a mother that’s why he wants Zidane’s.

My favourite stories that i like to tell are:
  • The time I accidently shaved a square into my friends hair so he had to take his exams with a hat on.
  • The time when my car caught fire on the M4 near Aldershot.
  • The urine in a pot.
  • The time we climbed the fences to get into a festival.
  • The dirty plates under the sofa incident.

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