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stop letting vendors pressure me into buying stuff I don't need

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Just got some smelly used Beatle boots that hurt the living hell out of my feet. Not one pair of em but two. I hate being me. They weren’t too expensive but still. Being tall’s for suckers, I give up.

another failure at this

Asked the pharmacist about the effectiveness of airplane-special earplugs versus regular ones, resulting in him selling them to me despite my feeling that it’s absolute bullshit.

Can you believe

I almost bought whatever that is today ? The cost stopped me. That or self-consciousness (yes, they’re for men).

Got some good karma, finally !

The other day, a store robbed me of 5 euros : I bought a nice relatively unexpensive suit from them (summer sales !) and asked for some alterations on the legs for I’m short ! I forgot to ask when they could get it done and paid. Then the girl said I could come back in a week and I went “oh wait, I need it for twomorrow !” They couldn’t have it done for twomorrow of course so I said “in that case I’ll just have the costume and 5 euros back without alterations”, and she said “but you already paid for the alterations”. I said “I know but you didn’t do any alterations yet so it’s okay if you give me my 5 back”. She called another guy who was just as stubborn and I have no authority whatsoever so I gave up and went “guess I should have asked”, and just left with my costume. This is one of the things I hate about capitalism btw, vendors have no initiative, they just seem to have that collective mind that dares not question their stupid lines of conduct. They just said “come back after the wedding with your ticket and we’ll do it then”. Right, very smart ! He also said “just put some tape on it” !

Anyway, so I went to this guy who I knew could get the alterations done ; since it was for that very day, it was 50% above his usual price, which I found legitimate. But since I was too lazy to make the count, I asked him “how much is that then”, and realised afterwards he too had screwed me over 5 euros !

Twenty minutes later, for the first time in my life, what happened to me ? I found a nice clean 10 euro bill on the floor ! I looked around : nobody ! So at least this time the joke wasn’t entirely on me :).


This happened too much this week.

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